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Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition March 14, 2024
Chemours Comment Deadline is Today at 5pm!
Just a quick reminder: the deadline for comments to the WV DEP for Chemours' second permit application to discharge more PFAS chemicals into the Ohio River is today, March 14, at 5 pm. More
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Newsletters WVEC July 15, 2023
GREEN, Volume 33 Issue 11
As we dive into the off-season, we want to emphasize the importance of citizen involvement. Your participation is critical to our cause. In this edition, we have exciting opportunities for you to get involved. More
Issues: Community solarOrphaned wellsPFASPipelinesSolar powerWater
Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition July 15, 2023
Empowering YOU: WV Rivers’ Webinars Address PFAS Contamination and Pipeline Assessment
Watch recording of WV Rivers' PFAS Lunch and Learn and Pipeline Visual Assessment Training Webinars. More
Issues: PFASPipelines
Legislative Updates WVEC March 3, 2023
GREEN, Volume 33 Issue 8
Welcome to our last newsletter of the 2023 Legislative Session! The session ends at midnight on March 11. We will keep you posted next week via action alerts as we head into the final hours. More
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Action Alerts WVEC March 1, 2023
Protect Our Drinking Water
The PFAS Protection Act, HB 3189, is expected to be voted on Tuesday, March 7 by the Senate Government Organization Committee. This bill will require the state to immediately identify and reduce PFAS at the source and establish required limits on PFAS discharges into our drinking water sources. This bill helps hold polluters responsible for cleaning up and preventing further contamination of our drinking water sources. Tell members of the Senate Government Organization Committee you want them to pass HB 3189, the PFAS Protection Act, to help protect our drinking water sources! More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 24, 2023
Weekly Round-Up
This week at the legislature was a busy one! As we approach the last two weeks of session, the pressure is on to get bills out of committee by Crossover Day (March 1st) to be considered on the floor. We are focusing this week on bills that are moving, separated by bills we are working on getting passed and those we are trying to defeat, along with steps you can take to support the efforts.  More
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Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition February 24, 2023
Upcoming Events from the WV Rivers Coalition
February 25:  Inflation Reduction Act Roadshow, March 2: EPA to Hold Public Engagement Series on PFAS, March 2: WV DEP to Hold a Public Meeting on Ethylene Oxide Monitoring, March 23: Conversation on Headwaters, Webinar recordings: Four Facts and Three Concerns about YOUR West Virginia Public Lands, Webinar Recording: Methane, Climate Change and Proposed EPA Regulations More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 24, 2023
2023 Legislative Priorities
Community Solar. Adequate funding for inspectors for the WV DEP Office of Oil and Gas, Advanced Nuclear, Hydrogen Hub/CCS, Hydrogen Hub/CCS, Public Lands More
Issues: Community solarDEPLegislationPFASPublic landsWater
Legislative Updates WVEC February 24, 2023
GREEN, Volume 33 Issue 7
We're excited to share some great news from the West Virginia Capitol! We have seen some significant victories, with two bills passing the House floor and moving on to the Senate for consideration. HB 3110 and HB 3189 are crucial legislation that impact your community positively. More
Issues: DEPLegislationOil and gasPFASPublic landsWater
Newsletter article WVEC February 17, 2023
Weekly Round-Up
We are over 60 percent of the way through the 2023 Legislative Session! In continuation of last week, we changed our format from a weekly round-up to a breakdown of bills we are working on getting passed and those we are trying to defeat, along with steps you can take.  More
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Legislative Updates WVEC February 17, 2023
GREEN, Volume 33 Issue 6
Welcome back to our weekly newsletter, bringing you the latest West Virginia legislative updates. This week, lawmakers and advocates came together for Black Policy Day to discuss essential policies impacting Black communities in the state. You can find coverage of this event on Mountain State Spotlight. More
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Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition February 10, 2023
Two Action Alerts from WV Rivers Coalition
Protect our drinking water Say no to off-road vehicles  More
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Action Alerts WVEC February 9, 2023
Ask the House Energy & Manufacturing Committee to Advance the PFAS Protection Act
URGENT! The House Energy & Manufacturing Committee meets today at 1:00PM and the PFAS Protection Act is on the agenda! Now is the time to contact members of the committee! Let them know that you want them to support the bill, HB 3189, to help protect our drinking water sources! Your contacts made a difference in moving the Senate version of the bill through the committee, now we need your help in the House. More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 3, 2023
Actions Alerts and Online Events: Get involved today! 
Here's a quick overview of some of our members' action alerts and online events for you to join: The PFAS Protection Act, Mountain Valley Pipeline, Methane Lunch & Learn, Listening Session More
Issues: PFASPipelines
Newsletter article WVEC February 3, 2023
Weekly Round-Up 
Protecting Our Public Lands from Off-Road Vehicles, Keep Forever Chemicals (PFAS) from Polluting Our Drinking Water, Urge Adequate Funding for the Office of Oil & Gas Inspectors  More
Issues: Off-road vehiclesOil and gasPFAS
Newsletter article WVEC January 27, 2023
Weekly Round-Up
SB448 - Providing funding to the Office of Oil and Gas (O&G) for well inspections, was introduced in the Senate this week. Currently, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) Office of Oil and Gas only has nine inspectors responsible for over 75,000 wells. This bill would double the funding for this office and increase inspector numbers from 9 to around 20. More
Issues: DEPPFASRenewable energy
Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition January 27, 2023
Action Alert: Contact Members of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee – Protect My Drinking Water
Good news from the Capitol! SB 485, the PFAS Protection Act, has been introduced to the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee with bipartisan support!! Your advocacy asking for the co-sponsorship of the legislation designed to stop toxic chemicals from polluting our drinking water sources has worked! More
Issues: HealthPFASWater
Legislative Updates WVEC January 27, 2023
GREEN, Volume 33 Issue 3
Welcome back to the WVEC's weekly newsletter! Wrapping up all the action in January, we have our Weekly Round-Up on the bills we are tracking this legislative session and an action alert related to the PFAS Protection Act.  More
Issues: LegislationPFASRenewable energyWater
Newsletter article WVEC January 20, 2023
PFAS (Forever Chemicals) Lunch-and-Learn This Thursday, January 26
WV Rivers Coalition is hosting a 30-minute lunch-and-learn webinar this Thursday, January 26, at noon for folks to learn more about PFAS contamination in West Virginia’s water and the PFAS Protection Act.  More
Issues: HealthPFASPollutionWater
Legislative Updates WVEC January 20, 2023
GREEN, Volume 33 Issue 2
Welcome to our Week 2 Legislative Update! Our hard-working lobbyists have compiled a summary of bills we are following in our Weekly Round-up.  More
Issues: LegislationPFASPollutionWater