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Action Alerts WVEC July 13, 2024
Urgent: Help DOJ Address Environmental Justice in WV
The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Environmental Justice invites you to attend upcoming community meetings in West Virginia. Your input is crucial in shaping the DOJ's Environmental Justice Strategic Plan. More
Action Alerts WVEC July 10, 2024
Urgent Action: Southern WV Needs Clean Water – Contact Leaders NOW
Everyone deserves clean water. Take action and help spread the word! ‌Wyoming and McDowell Counties in West Virginia are facing a severe water crisis, with residents in Wolf Pen/Indian Creek and communities like Gary, Leckie, and Anawalt experiencing significant water quality issues. More
Issues: CoalHealthPollutionWater
Action Alerts WVEC June 25, 2024
Join us at WVEC’s Annual Meeting – September 13-15!
West Virginia Environmental Council invites you to our Annual Meeting from September 13-15, 2024, at Tygart Lake State Park in Grafton, WV. More
Issues: Event
Action Alerts WVEC June 11, 2024
Zombie Mine Week of Action – Join Us!
Our communities are deeply tied to our lands — the land gives us clean water, refuge for wildlife and a sense of place. But today, hundreds of thousands of acres of coal mines are not being cleaned up. This puts nearby residents at risk, threatens our water and drags down our local economies. More
Issues: CoalHealthPollutionWater
Action Alerts WVEC May 13, 2024
Don’t Miss: Justin Nobel’s “Petroleum-238” Book Events This Week
Mark your calendars for two upcoming book events featuring Justin Nobel and his groundbreaking book, "Petroleum-238: Big Oil's Dangerous Secret and the Grassroots Fight to Stop It." More
Issues: Oil and gasPollution
Newsletter article WVEC May 10, 2024
Quick Updates from WVEC and Member Groups!
Earth Day Tree Planting | Watershed Celebration Day | Make It Shine Trash Cleanup | Litter Clean Up in Madison | National Park Advocacy Week | Save the Date for WVEC's annual meeting September 13-15, 2024 | Mark your Calendars for E-Day at the WV State Capitol on March 17, 2025 More
Issues: EventPublic landsSolid wasteWater
Newsletter article WVEC May 10, 2024
Honoring High Schools for Empowering Young Voters
In West Virginia, significant initiatives are in place to inspire and empower young people to register to vote and actively participate in the democratic process. The Jennings Randolph Award, named after the late U.S. Senator from Harrison County, West Virginia, and the Honorary Secretary of State (HSOS) program are not just beacons of hope, but transformative forces for high schools.  The programs celebrate those who go above and beyond in promoting youth voter registration, inspiring others to follow suit. More
Issues: LegislationVoting Rights
Newsletter article WVEC May 10, 2024
Introducing WVEC’s New Board Officers and Members
Sandra Fallon, WVEC President, Quenton King, WVEC Vice President, Chrissy Sandy, Organizational Board Member, Mike Jones, Organizational Board Member, Francie Price, At-Large Board Member More
Newsletter article WVEC May 10, 2024
Join West Virginians Who Care About Clean Air, Land, and Water: Vote in the Primary Election!
One of the biggest environmental and climate movement challenges is that we don't have enough voting power.  According to the nonprofit, nonpartisan Environmental Voter Project (EVP), one reason is the high number of people who identify climate and the environment as their Number One priority but are unlikely to vote. More
Issues: Clean electionsPollutionVoting RightsWater
Newsletters WVEC May 10, 2024
GREEN, Volume 34 Issue 10
As the May 14th primary election approaches, we urge you to engage with candidates and vote. Your voice is crucial in shaping West Virginia's environmental future. Get inspired to head to the polls by reading WVEC President Sandra Fallon's article below on the importance of joining environmental voters in  growing the environmental movement’s influence.  More
Issues: EventLegislationPollutionVoting RightsWater
Action Alerts WVEC April 17, 2024
Engage with Candidates this Primary Season!
West Virginia’s primary election season offers an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with candidates running for office. In fact, it may be one of the few times candidates are really tuned in to their constituents’ concerns. By attending candidate debate forums and meet-and-greet events, you can share information and personal stories about critical environmental issues that are important to you. More
Issues: Clean electionsLegislation
Action Alerts WVEC March 23, 2024
Hydrogen Energy Listening Session and more
Hydrogen Energy Listening Session | Help protect public lands! | Register for a Community Action Event in Charleston! More
Issues: Energy efficiencyPublic lands
Newsletter article WVEC March 18, 2024
Who are West Virginia Legislators listening to when it comes to solar energy?
Any way you slice it, West Virginians want community solar. The data are clear: nearly 70 percent of West Virginians support community solar. Yet solar-related bills did not make it onto a committee agenda this session. More
Issues: Community solar
Newsletter article WVEC March 18, 2024
Upcoming events
Corridor H Visual Assessment Training at Parson's Community Center, Sunday, March 24 at 1 pm I Webinar Series: Community Air Monitoring Fundamentals, April 2024 | The Cheat River Festival in Albright, WV, May 3 and May 4 | Save the Date: WVEC Annual Meeting Sept. 13-15, 2024 | Save the Date for E-Day 2025! More
Issues: EventPollution
Newsletter article WVEC March 18, 2024
2024 Legislative Session Round Up 
Any legislator, lobbyist, or press member who spent the past two months at the Capitol can affirm that the 2024 session was anything but ordinary. One lawmaker told us it was the worst session they’d seen in over a decade. It’s not surprising, then, that while we hoped to get several proactive bills like the Orphaned Well Prevention Act and Community Solar passed, most of our efforts went toward defeating harmful bills instead. More
Issues: LegislationNet meteringOrphaned wellsPollution
Legislative Updates WVEC March 18, 2024
GREEN, Volume 34 Issue 9
The 2024 legislative session proved uniquely challenging, with lobbyists Isabel Stellato and Lucia Valentine navigating obstacles at the Capitol. We celebrate this year’s victories in their Legislative Recap.  More
Issues: EventLegislationWater
Legislative Updates WVEC March 1, 2024
GREEN, Volume 34 Issue 8
Welcome to our last newsletter of the 2024 Legislative Session. Stay tuned for any final action alerts next week, and please see the several actions below you can take now! More
Issues: HealthLandowner rightsLegislationPollutionPublic lands
Newsletter article WVEC March 1, 2024
WVEC Weekly Round-Up
As the session enters its final week, read on to learn which bills we’re working to defeat, why they’re bad, and how you can help. Lots can happen during these final days, so please keep a lookout for action alerts and other updates! Sadly, the only bills left are ones we oppose. Here’s what’s still alive. More
Issues: LegislationLoggingPollutionPublic lands
Action Alerts WVEC March 1, 2024
Act Now: Tell your Delegate to Protect Landowners’ Rights! 
Some West Virginia lawmakers are trying to pass legislation severely restricting West Virginians’ ability to manage their timber through forest carbon offsets. Senate Bill 618 would introduce restrictive measures that could discourage private investments in our state and undermine the rights of landowners.  More
Issues: Landowner rightsLegislation
Legislative Updates WVEC February 23, 2024
GREEN, Volume 34 Issue 7
As Crossover Day approaches, we want to take a moment to thank you for your phone calls, emails, and donations throughout the 2024 session. Making our voices heard is a community effort, and we’re deeply grateful for your continued support.  More
Issues: LegislationOrphaned wellsPollution
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