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Action Alerts Paul Dalzell May 3, 2017
Urgent! Call the Governor! Tell him we need a budget not more pollution!
Today, WV E-Council along with thirteen other organizations asked the Governor to limit the special session to only the budget crisis. Our water and our budget deserve our legislators full attention. You can encourage Governor Justice to limit the special session to only the state budget by calling his office: 304-558-2000.More
Action Alerts Laura Davidson April 5, 2017
What’s BUGGING us?
With only days left, we continue to fight hard to change the language of SB 687, a bill that would abandon the assessment of benthic macroinvertebrates (aka “bugs”) as the most scientifically sound way to measure a stream’s biological health from WV's narrative water quality standards.More
Action Alerts Paul Dalzell April 5, 2017
Press Conference on the West Virginia Legislature’s War on Water
The West Virginia Legislature has declared an all-out war on water. Lawmakers have already passed both HB 2506 and HB 2811, bills that weaken protections on streams and rivers which are sources for much of our drinking water. SB 687 is now poised to pass in the House of Delegates.More
Action Alerts Laura Davidson April 3, 2017
We called and you listened!
We called and you answered! Advocates for clean water out numbered industry officials 26:3 in speaking out on SB 687! Help us keep the momentum going!More
Action Alerts Laura Davidson March 31, 2017
Let’s keep the momentum going!
There will be a Public Hearing on SB 687 at 8:00am on Monday, April 3, 2017 in the House Chamber. SB 687 would make our narrative water quality the weakest in the nation, and make it easier for the coal industry to get away with poisoning our streams.More
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Action Alerts Paul Dalzell March 30, 2017
Ask Governor Justice to veto HB 2506
Sign the petition, and ask Governor Justice to veto HB 2506. Ask him to stand up for water and the health of all West Virginians.More
Action Alerts Paul Dalzell March 27, 2017
URGENT Action Now: STOP the madness!
The legislature has declared an all-out war on water, and we need your help to STOP the Madness!More
Kanawha River and WV Coal Legislature
Action Alerts Laura Davidson March 10, 2017
Calling all Water Warriors: Resist!
Join us Monday, March 13, 2017 at 8:00am for the Public Hearing on HB 2811 in the WV House Chamber. Rise up with us, and resist these attempts to endanger our clean water supply!More
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Action Alerts Paul Dalzell March 6, 2017
Tell Your Senators to Say “No” to HB 2506
URGENT: the WV Senate is likely to consider the Toxic Water Bill, HB 2506, this week. Your Senators need to hear from you now! Send a letter!More
Action Alerts Laura Davidson February 28, 2017
Get up, stand up; don’t give up the fight!
Thank you to everyone who showed up and spoke out yesterday for the Public Hearing and E-day and to everyone who has been making calls and writing letters to stop HB 2506 from moving forward! We need your help to keep the momentum growing! Send a letter to your Delegate, and urge them to vote no on this bill.More
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