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Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition September 22, 2020
Urgent Action for Water Quality Standards – Act by 9/23
In preparation for the 2021 WV Legislative Session, the Legislative Rule Making Committee will be meeting this Wednesday, 9/23, and water quality standards are on the agenda. The committee needs to hear from you today about the importance of clean water! More
Issues: LegislationPollutionWater
Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition May 7, 2020
Enough is Enough! Tell WVDEP: Don’t Allow More Toxins in WV’s Water
Right now, in the midst of a public health crisis, the WVDEP is proposing to allow even more dangerous toxins in our water. Act Now! Tell WVDEP to respect your water and your health, don’t allow more toxins in West Virginia’s water! More
Issues: PollutionWater
Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition April 17, 2020
Biological Assessment Rule: Facebook Live Q & A with WV Rivers, Virtual Public Hearing and Easy Commenting
Some of you might remember commenting on the biological assessment rule last spring when WVDEP initially released the rule change. But after the comment period, WVDEP missed the deadline to file the rule with the Secretary of State, so now WVDEP is collecting public comments on the rule again through April 20. We've made it easy for you to submit comments on the biological assessment rule. More
Issues: PollutionWater
Action Alerts WVEC March 6, 2020
Ask Delegates to Vote YES on SCR 46 the PFAS Study Bill
The West Virginia Senate has taken a step towards safer drinking water with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 46. This Resolution requires the WVDEP and WVDHHR to identify the presence of PFAS in drinking water supplies. Now, the Resolution is headed to the House floor for consideration. More
Issues: HealthPollutionWater
Action Alerts WVEC March 5, 2020
HB4615: An Update + Action Needed
On Wednesday, HB4615, the anti-protest bill targeting the little guy standing up for their rights, was heard in Senate Judiciary after passing the House a few weeks ago. The bill was amended in the committee, lessening penalties, and making limited exceptions, but we still OPPOSE THIS BILL. More
Issues: Anti-protest
Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition February 27, 2020
Ask Legislators to Help Identify Toxic Chemicals in Our Drinking Water
Late last week, a Senate Committee took a step towards safer drinking water with the introduction and passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 46. More
Issues: HealthWater
Action Alerts WVEC February 26, 2020
URGENT: All West Virginians — not just monopoly utility companies — should have the freedom to choose solar energy!
In this historic year for solar in the West Virginia Legislature, our lawmakers shouldn’t leave out the little guys – our state’s homeowners, small businesses, and tax-exempt institutions like schools, churches, and nonprofits. Everyone deserves the right to go solar! PPAs make this possible.  More
Issues: Power purchase agreementsRenewable energy
Action Alerts WVEC February 19, 2020
Ask Mitch Carmichael to Save the PPA Bill
SB 611, a bill to legalize on-site Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). The bill was single referenced to the Senate Economic Development Committee. But, it never appeared on that committee’s agenda. More
Issues: Power purchase agreements
Action Alerts WVEC February 18, 2020
Creating Just Transition Office = Resources in Coal Decline Impacted Communities
Great News! Delegate Hansen’s bipartisan bill, HB4574, establishing a Just Transition Office & Advisory Committee, passed the Committee on Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. It now goes to House Government Organization and needs to be placed on an agenda by Friday at the latest!! More
Issues: Just transition
Action Alerts WVEC February 17, 2020
This Bill is Trash (Literally)
On Monday, HB4690, relating to solid waste authorities, is up for second reading, with a final vote on Tuesday morning. This bill quickly went through House Judiciary last week, with one civil engineer testifying in favor of the bill. The Solid Waste Authorities oppose this bill and so do we! More
Issues: Solid waste
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