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Newsletter article  July 10, 2020
Thinking about the Economics of Petrochemicals
One of the clichés of our public policy has long been that we have to “balance” the environmental and social costs of coal, oil, and gas extraction with the benefits to our economy.  For pretty much forever, our public policy has assumed that coal is so important to our economy that we should put up with a great deal of environmental and social cost in order to assure that the industry prospers. More
Issues: Oil and gasRenewable energy
Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition July 10, 2020
Climate, Water, and Justice with Marshall University’s Dr. Logan
No one can escape the affects of climate change, but some communities are more vulnerable to the risks of the climate crisis. This is especially true for minority communities in West Virginia. More
Issues: Climate changeSocial justiceWater
Newsletter article  July 10, 2020
OVEC is Hiring
Over the years, we've asked for your help with many different calls to action. But, today, we have a unique request: to join our growing organization. We are currently hiring two full-time positions at OVEC. Interested in becoming part of our team? Keep reading to learn more about the positions and find out how to apply. More
Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition June 1, 2020
Climate Lunch and Learn Series
West Virginians are seeing the effects of the changing climate and researchers across the state are studying what it means for West Virginia. WV Rivers is highlighting these scientists and their research through our virtual Climate and Water Lunch & Learn Series. During the live webinars, you’ll learn first-hand from the researchers on the front line of the climate crisis. More
Issues: Climate changeWater
Newsletter article Solar United Neighbors June 1, 2020
Federal Threat to Net Metering & States’ Rights
A secretive group of special interests are trying to strip away solar rights. If they succeed, families and businesses won't be fairly credited for the valuable solar energy they produce.   More
Issues: Renewable energy
Newsletter article Friends of the Cheat June 1, 2020
Cheat Fest From Home – The First Virtual Cheat River Festival was a Surprising Success!
The Cheat River Festival, Friends of the Cheat’s annual kick-off to summer, was started by paddlers and river stewards to raise money to restore the Cheat River’s waters polluted from a century of coal mining. It’s now a celebration of two and a half decades of successful clean up efforts, essentially a family reunion, and importantly, a fundraiser supporting continued stewardship.  More
Issues: PollutionWater
Newsletter article Sarah Carballo June 1, 2020
People Over Petro
When combating a major threat like a massive petrochemical build-up in the Ohio River Valley, there is strength in numbers. One way to build that strength is by working in a coalition—which is why OVEC joined the People Over Petro Coalition (POPCO). More
Issues: Oil and gasPollution
Newsletter article WV Citizens for Clean Elections June 1, 2020
Your Vote is Your Voice
With the primary election just around the corner, we wanted to remind you of some important resources to help you vote safely and exercise your right to vote effectively. More
Issues: Clean electionsDemocracy
Newsletter article Solar United Neighbors April 30, 2020
West Virginia fails to legalize Power Purchase Agreements
The 2020 regular session of the West Virginia Legislature is drawing to a close without action on solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). After several false starts in the state Senate and House of Delegates, legislation supporting PPAs failed to materialize this year. More
Issues: Power purchase agreementsRenewable energy
Newsletter article WV Citizens for Clean Elections April 29, 2020
This Election is Vital! #GoVoteWV
During the 2020 Legislative Session, E-Council lobbyists helped Julie monitor bills relevant to WVCCE’s work to protect and improve democracy, fair courts, and judicial independence in West Virginia. Right now WVCCE is focused on making sure people are ready to vote in the June 9 primary. If you aren’t already registered to vote, you have until May 19 to do that for this upcoming election. More
Issues: Clean elections
Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition April 29, 2020
WVDEP Releases Revised Human Health Protections
Human health criteria determines how much of a toxin can be in our water before human health is put at risk. Strengthening criteria based on the best science available has long been a priority of WV Rivers and E-council. Did you know that West Virginia’s current human health criteria is based on data that is over 30 years old? More
Issues: HealthLegislationWater
Newsletter article WVEC April 27, 2020
Policies to Support Communities Post-Coal and Post-COVID-19
Congress must take specific action to help coalfield communities rebound from the economic challenges that existed before COVID-19 and that continue to worsen amidst the pandemic. At the same time, actions to stimulate the economy must have the support of communities directly impacted by abandoned mine sites, including when and whether to start working in the face of COVID-19. More
Issues: HealthLegislation
Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition April 27, 2020
River Rally will be completely virtual in 2020 – register now!
Hosted annually by River Network, River Rally provides an inspiring and energy-infused touchpoint for nonprofit groups from across the U.S. and beyond, as well as for agency and foundation representatives, industry innovators, philanthropists, academics, students, and community leaders. More
Issues: Water
Newsletter article WVEC April 27, 2020
Let’s Kick ASH
During the Legislative Session, E-Council lobbyists and member groups were keeping an eye on legislation that would support a proposed regional build-out of a colossal petrochemical complex in the Ohio River Valley region. More
Issues: Appalachian Storage HubHealthPollutionWater
Newsletter article Solar United Neighbors April 27, 2020
Send an “I love My Solar” postcard
Remind our elected officials that solar is important to you! Send them a postcard using the templates at This is an election year, and lawmakers need to hear why we love our solar! More
Issues: Renewable energy
Newsletter article WVEC March 13, 2020
Thank you from your lobby team!
From me and Kayla to our friends on the West Virginia Environmental Council board, our friends from the member groups, and all of you who helped shore up the work we were doing in the Capitol, a giant THANK YOU! More
Newsletter article Linda Frame March 13, 2020
We Couldn’t Do It Without You
What a legislative session it's been! We are so proud of the hard work accomplished by our lobby team, Karan and Kayla, over the past 60 days. They tracked over 300 pieces of legislation, attended countless committee meetings, worked with our membership groups and coalition partners to strategize and advocate for pro-environmental legislation, put together urgent calls to action, and wrote and sent out a newsletter each week. More
Issues: Legislation
Newsletter article WVEC March 13, 2020
Action Needed – Tell Governor Justice to VETO HB4615
House Bill 4615, the anti-protest bill being touted as “criminal infrastructure protection,” is intended to intimidate and silence environmentalists. It hands industry even more power, with no regard for our people. Further criminalizing actions that are already illegal is unnecessary and will further crowd our jails and prisons. More
Issues: Anti-protest
Newsletter article WVEC March 13, 2020
The good, the bad, and the ugly…
It took us a few days to decompress to compile everything that’s happened over the last 60 days. Here’s a breakdown of the most important bills we worked on. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksLegislationRenewable energyWater
Newsletter article WVEC February 28, 2020
A Win! 4079 dies in House Committee
Early on in the session, we had concerns about HB 4079 - a bill that deregulated above ground storage tanks in Zones of Critical Concern (ZCC). ZCCs are areas directly upstream from public drinking water intakes in which a released contaminant will reach the intake within five hours. Exempting tanks in ZCCs from regulation would have put us in more danger because there is the added concern of not having enough time to respond if the tank fails. More
Issues: Aboveground tanks
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