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Ask the House Energy & Manufacturing Committee to Advance the PFAS Protection Act

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
Action Alert
Ask the House Energy & Manufacturing Committee to Advance the PFAS Protection Act
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URGENT! The House Energy & Manufacturing Committee meets today at 1:00PM and the PFAS Protection Act is on the agenda! Now is the time to contact members of the committee! Let them know that you want them to support the bill, HB 3189, to help protect our drinking water sources! Your contacts made a difference in moving the Senate version of the bill through the committee, now we need your help in the House.

Contact Your Legislators

Toxic “forever” chemicals have been found in the raw water used to supply drinking water to approximately 700,000 West Virginians.

Known as PFAS, per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances are manmade chemicals that do not break down in nature and can cause adverse health effects, including cancer, at very low levels. Learn more about toxic PFAS.

Unsafe levels of PFAS have been found in the raw water supply for 130 community water systems.

The responsibility for addressing this contamination should not be placed on water utilities or ratepayers. 

The PFAS Protection Act will require the state to take immediate action to identify and reduce PFAS at the source, and require limits be established on PFAS discharges into our drinking water sources. This bill helps hold polluters responsible for cleaning up and preventing further contamination of our drinking water sources.

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