GREEN, Volume 33 Issue 7

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Legislative Update
GREEN, Volume 33 Issue 7
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We’re excited to share some great news from the West Virginia Capitol! We have seen some significant victories, with two bills passing the House floor and moving on to the Senate for consideration. HB 3110 and HB 3189 are crucial legislation that impact your community positively.

We hope to build momentum and continue to push for positive change with our upcoming Environmental Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 28. Register below!

It can often feel like progress is slow and difficult to achieve, but it is essential to celebrate these small victories as we keep moving forward. We are grateful for the efforts of all of YOU and those who have worked tirelessly to make these bills a reality. Next Friday is our last newsletter before the session ends. We expect lawmakers to be in session six days a week, plus evenings. We will provide critical action alerts in the meantime, and our last newsletter will be released at the end of the session.

The WVEC relies on member donations to support our hard-working lobby team. Please donate or renew your membership today to help fund our work these last few weeks! Thank you!

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Join WVEC this Tuesday for E-Day!!
You’re invited to our 2023 Environmental Day (E-Day) at the WV State Capitol! Take advantage of this opportunity to advocate for your community! This year's advocacy day will be held on February 28th from 9 am to 2 pm. E-Day will bring together environmental groups, concerned citizens, and policymakers to discuss critical environmental issues, promote legislation, and build relationships. 
Weekly Round-Up
This week at the legislature was a busy one! As we approach the last two weeks of session, the pressure is on to get bills out of committee by Crossover Day (March 1st) to be considered on the floor. We are focusing this week on bills that are moving, separated by bills we are working on getting passed and those we are trying to defeat, along with steps you can take to support the efforts. 
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Upcoming Events from the WV Rivers Coalition
WV Rivers Coalition
February 25:  Inflation Reduction Act Roadshow, March 2: EPA to Hold Public Engagement Series on PFAS, March 2: WV DEP to Hold a Public Meeting on Ethylene Oxide Monitoring, March 23: Conversation on Headwaters, Webinar recordings: Four Facts and Three Concerns about YOUR West Virginia Public Lands, Webinar Recording: Methane, Climate Change and Proposed EPA Regulations
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ACTION ALERT: Urge Your Legislators to Support Funding for Oil and Gas Well Inspectors 
HB 3110 passed the House of Delegates unanimously to provide more funding to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s (WV DEP) Office of Oil and Gas for well inspections! The bill now heads to the Senate Finance committee.
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2023 Legislative Priorities
Community Solar. Adequate funding for inspectors for the WV DEP Office of Oil and Gas, Advanced Nuclear, Hydrogen Hub/CCS, Hydrogen Hub/CCS, Public Lands
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2023 Session Resources
We look forward to bringing you the session news every Friday evening, and you can also follow us for daily updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
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