2023 Legislative Priorities

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Community Solar – promote access to affordable renewable energy through a solar facility subscription service. Customers can purchase an interest in a solar facility and use credits against their electric utility costs. 

  • SB627 – Establishing a solar program for subscribers to gain credits against their utility bills
  • HB2159 – Establishing a community solar program for subscribers to gain credits against their utility bills 

Adequate funding for inspectors for the WV DEP Office of Oil and Gas – support an annual tiered fee to create consistent annual funding to hire more inspectors and properly manage wells. 

  • HB3110 – Relating to funding the Office of Oil and Gas in the Department of Environmental Protection
  • SB448 –  Providing funding for DEP Office of Oil and Gas                 
  • SB13 – Establishing annual oversight fee for wells producing more than 10,000 cubic feet of gas per day 
  • HB2021 – Relating to funding for the DEP Office of Oil and Gas    

Advanced Nuclear – monitor 2022’s bill to repeal the state’s ban on nuclear power while opposing expansion of this energy source if no safe long-term storage is available.

  • HB2896 – Relating to making West Virginia an Agreement State with the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission                 

Hydrogen Hub/CCS – monitor legislative developments and only support using green hydrogen – hydrogen made through electrolysis powered by renewable energy. 

  • HB2814 – To create a hydrogen power task force
  • SB595 – Relating to real property, tax, and registration requirements associated with carbon offset agreements

Clean Water:

Hydrogen Hub/CCS – provide adequate public health protections from toxins threatening our drinking water supplies, specifically a group of chemicals known as “PFAS” or forever chemicals. 

  • HB3189 – The PFAS Protection Act  
  • HB2860 – To dispose of old AFFF foam accumulated by fire departments                            

Additional Priorities:

Public Lands – defeat proposals to open up public lands to Off-Road Vehicles and other legislation that would degrade West Virginia’s state parks and forests. 

SB468 – Continuing Cabwaylingo State Forest Trail System            

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