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Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition September 22, 2020
Urgent Action for Water Quality Standards – Act by 9/23
In preparation for the 2021 WV Legislative Session, the Legislative Rule Making Committee will be meeting this Wednesday, 9/23, and water quality standards are on the agenda. The committee needs to hear from you today about the importance of clean water! More
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Newsletter article WVEC September 2, 2020
Great American Outdoors Act with Land and Water Conservation Fund will benefit West Virginia
The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), S. 3422, was signed into law by the president on August 4, 2020.  It contains components from two previously introduced bills, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and the Restore Our Parks Act.  On June 17, 2020 the GAOA overwhelmingly passed the Senate by a vote of 73-25.  More
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Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition April 29, 2020
WVDEP Releases Revised Human Health Protections
Human health criteria determines how much of a toxin can be in our water before human health is put at risk. Strengthening criteria based on the best science available has long been a priority of WV Rivers and E-council. Did you know that West Virginia’s current human health criteria is based on data that is over 30 years old? More
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Newsletter article WVEC April 27, 2020
Policies to Support Communities Post-Coal and Post-COVID-19
Congress must take specific action to help coalfield communities rebound from the economic challenges that existed before COVID-19 and that continue to worsen amidst the pandemic. At the same time, actions to stimulate the economy must have the support of communities directly impacted by abandoned mine sites, including when and whether to start working in the face of COVID-19. More
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Newsletter article Linda Frame March 13, 2020
We Couldn’t Do It Without You
What a legislative session it's been! We are so proud of the hard work accomplished by our lobby team, Karan and Kayla, over the past 60 days. They tracked over 300 pieces of legislation, attended countless committee meetings, worked with our membership groups and coalition partners to strategize and advocate for pro-environmental legislation, put together urgent calls to action, and wrote and sent out a newsletter each week. More
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Newsletter article WVEC March 13, 2020
The good, the bad, and the ugly…
It took us a few days to decompress to compile everything that’s happened over the last 60 days. Here’s a breakdown of the most important bills we worked on. More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 28, 2020
WVEC Bill Update
We’ve passed crossover day so our list of bills to watch has tightened dramatically. While we have many more bills, these are the most important. More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 21, 2020
SO Many Tax Cuts to Industry
This session, we have been following tax cut after tax cut on both sides of the legislature. A small update on the cuts we’ve been looking a More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 21, 2020
It’s Almost Crossover Day! WVEC Bill Update
This week has been BUSY! We’ve got a new section on our Bill Tracking called REMAINING BILLS. There you can track the bills we have left as of Day 45 -- it will be updated with notes over the weekend!  Below is a shorthand list of where we’re at. More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 14, 2020
GOP-led Tax Plan on the Horizon
This week, thanks to a MetroNews article, we got a sneak peak about the Senate’s upcoming tax plan. We’ve been following SJR8 - the Manufacturing Growth Amendment since its introduction. More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 14, 2020
E-Council Bill Update
Week 6 of Session seemed to never end! Here’s an update on our bills. Reminder that Crossover Day is in a week and a half, on February 26th (this means bills have to have gone through one chamber entirely to still be considered “alive”). More
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Action Alerts WVEC February 11, 2020
Action Needed Today: Say No to HB4615
We need your help! HB4615 is on second reading tomorrow, with a final vote on Thursday! Before then, we need to flood the emails of all Delegates with our disdain for this undemocratic bill. They need to hear from you. More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 7, 2020
Monday’s Public Hearing for HB4615 Anti-Protest
Join citizens and organizations this Monday Morning to voice your opinion for the right to peaceful assembly in West Virginia, before it's too late! Monday, February 10th, House Chamber, 8:30 AM More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 7, 2020
Halfway Done – A Bill Update
It’s Day 31 of Session which means we’ve made it halfway through! Whew! Be sure to follow our Bill Tracking for a more thorough, but we thought we’d give a short update on some of the bills we are watching More
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Action Alerts WVEC February 7, 2020
Monday @ 8:30 AM – Public Hearing for HB4615 Anti-Protest 
Join citizens and organizations this Monday Morning to voice your opinion for the right to peaceful assembly in West Virginia, before it's too late! HB4615 “West Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection Act” is an ALEC bill aimed at raising criminal and civil penalties for trespassing, actual damage and tampering, and conspiracy to peacefully protest near any of these infrastructures.  More
Issues: LegislationWVEC event
Newsletter article WVEC January 31, 2020
2020 E-Day a Success!
It was standing room only with more than 24 organizations turning out to fill the upper Rotunda on Tuesday! It was a great day of citizen lobbying on our legislative priorities with a focus on clean drinking water. More
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Newsletter article Chuck Wyrostok January 24, 2020
Popular Notions

There’s a popular notion that politicians don’t pay mind to what voters want. Seems like, once we vote them in, most of them are done with us…until the next election.  Would it not be prudent and crucial to let them know what’s important to us while they’re making law? 


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Action Alerts WVEC January 24, 2020
Say No to HB 4443.
On Friday, the Health Government Organization committee is taking up HB 4443 - “Shifting funding from the Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities” This bill takes more money from the DEP, endangering our health and safety.  More
Issues: LegislationSolid waste
Newsletter article WVEC January 17, 2020
HB 4079 Removes Tanks from Regulations Near Drinking Water Intakes
Every year, we see rollback after rollback of regulations meant to protect our most precious resources and so it’s no surprise to see it again this year. However, frankly, even the most cynical lobbyists and legislators were shocked to see how brazen HB 4079 is. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksHealthLegislationPollution
Newsletter article WVEC January 17, 2020
MOJO IS BACK — The Modern Jobs (MoJo) Act, HB 4172  Introduced in House
This bill removes barriers to solar development so that West Virginia stops losing out on jobs in the fastest-growing occupation in the country: solar installers. It allows large electricity users to access solar, so long as the solar arrays are built on former coal mines in West Virginia. More
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