Protect Our Drinking Water

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Protect Our Drinking Water
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The PFAS Protection Act, HB 3189, is expected to be voted on this Tuesday, March 7 by the Senate Government Organization Committee. This bill will require the state to immediately identify and reduce PFAS at the source and establish required limits on PFAS discharges into our drinking water sources. This bill helps hold polluters responsible for cleaning up and preventing further contamination of our drinking water sources. Tell members of the Senate Government Organization Committee you want them to pass HB 3189, the PFAS Protection Act, to help protect our drinking water sources!

Calls are most effective! Please call these committee members and respectfully let them know that you support HB 3189, the PFAS Protection Act:

Senator Mark Hunt: (304) 357-7841
Senator Mike Maroney: (304) 357-7902
Senator Rupie Phillips: (304) 357-7857
Senator Mike Stuart: (304) 357-7939
Senator Chandler Swope: (304) 357-7843
Senator Ryan Weld: (304) 357-7984

Also, you can thank these Senators for sponsoring the Senate version of the PFAS Protection Act:

Senator Jack Woodrum (Chair): (304) 357-7849
Senator Jason Barrett (Vice Chair): (304) 357-7933
Senator Bill Hamilton: (304) 357-7906
Senator Glenn Jeffries: (304) 357-7866
Senator Ben Queen: (304) 357-7904
Senator Randy Smith: (304) 357-7995
Senator Mike Woelfel: (304) 357-7956



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  1. My wife and I support HB 3189. We have not been able to drink our well water for years. This is an unnecessary burden on us. HB 3189 will go along way in ensuring the basic human right of clean water.

    1. Thank you for your comment!

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