PFAS (Forever Chemicals) Lunch-and-Learn This Thursday, January 26

The PFAS Protection Act is one of our top 2023 legislative priorities. 

WV Rivers Coalition is hosting a 30-minute lunch-and-learn webinar this Thursday, January 26, at noon for folks to learn more about PFAS contamination in West Virginia’s water and the PFAS Protection Act. 

Hear from experts about PFAS contamination in West Virginia’s water and how our Legislature can take meaningful action to help protect public and environmental health. Register here for the webinar. Please help us spread the word, and forward it to your networks! 

The PFAS Protection Act is an important bill that helps protect drinking water sources from toxic PFAS pollution. Learn more about the bill in our Weekly Update by Maria Russo. PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals.” are man-made chemicals that do not break down in the environment. They are known to cause cancer, and a study by the state found PFAS in the pre-treated drinking water for 130 community water systems that serve around 700,000 West Virginians! 

West Virginia must act now to address PFAS pollution. It is not the responsibility of community water systems or consumers to treat their water to remove dangerous PFAS. We must stop these chemicals at their source, and polluters must be held accountable. Take this quick action to ask your legislators to co-sponsor the PFAS Protection Act. 

The West Virginia Legislature can take an essential step towards protecting human and environmental health by passing the PFAS Protection Act.

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