September 11, 2012  West Virginia Environmental Council Annual Fall Conference 2012
August 21, 2012  Request for Lobbying Proposals 2012
July 9, 2012  DEP Schedules Public Hearings and Comment Periods for 2013 Rules
April 12, 2012  DEP Extends Comment Period on Oil and Gas Stormwater General Permit
April 10, 2012  Oppose Centralized Pits for Storing Oil and Gas Wastewater
March 26, 2012  DEP Announcements


December 20, 2011  West Virginia Environmental Council Year End Appeal
December 13, 2011  Call Your Delegates About Governor Tomblin's Terrible Bill!
December 9, 2011  “Marcellus Monday” at the Capitol!
October 17, 2011  Free Grassroots Advocacy Training Workshops
October 11, 2011  Contact Members of the Marcellus Select Committee Now!
September 6, 2011  WVEC Fall Conference info
July 24, 2011  Update: Public Hearings on Marcellus Drilling Morgantown and Clarksburg This Week
July 19, 2011  Public Hearing on Marcellus Drilling in Wheeling, Morgantown and Clarksburg
July 4, 2011  Contact Members of Marcellus Select Committee Now
June 28, 2011  Public Comment Periods and Public Hearings on 2012 DEP Proposed Rules
March 15, 2011  Ask Governor Tomblin to Regulate Gas Drilling or Stop Issuing New Drilling Permits!
March 10 , 2011  Last Chance to Support Strong Marcellus Shale Gas Regulation – SB 424
March 3, 2011  Marcellus Shale Gas Regulation – SB 424
February 28, 2011  HB 2878 – Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling and Water Quality Standards Rule
February 23, 2011  From WV Environmental Council, Sierra Club, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
February 23, 2011  Marcellus Bill Advances ~ Help Keep It Moving
February 14, 2011  Public Hearing on Marcellus Gas Drilling
February 1, 2011  CALL TODAY!! Tell Lawmakers 'Don't Weaken the Water Quality Standards Rule'
January 24, 2011  CALL TODAY!! Tell Lawmakers 'Don't Weaken the Water Quality Standards Rule'
January 10, 2011  CALL TODAY!! Tell Lawmakers 'Don't Weaken the Water Quality Standards Rule'


December 7, 2010  Urge Lawmakers to Pass Marcellus Shale Drilling Bill Out of Subcommittee
July 9, 2010  Support Stronger Water Quality Standards Comment to DEP Now!  Public Hearing: July 19 Public Comment Period Ends: July 19
June 23. 2010  Please Support Tier 3 Stream Nomination - Comment Now!
June 7, 2010  Two WV Rivers on List of Nation's Ten Most Endangered
May 11, 2010  Help EPA VETO the Spruce No.1 Mountaintop Removal Mine!
May 5, 2010  May 19 Water Quality Standards Public Meeting
May 4, 2010  Vote Online to support Healthy Economies in Southern WV coalfields!
March 23, 2010  Opportunities for Public Comment
March 12, 2010  Contact All House of Delegates Members!
March 8, 2010 CONTACT SENATE EIM COMMITTEE MEMBERS regarding HB 4513 on Marcellus Shale “Water Bill”!!
March 4, 2010  URGENT: PUBLIC HEARING on Marcellus Shale “Water Bill”!!
March 2, 2010   Call / e-mail Senators to SUPPORT SB 614
February 18, 2010  Marcellus Shale water issues
January 15, 2010  Comment on the Office of Surface Mining -- Due Jan 19!


December 15, 2009  Pre-Session Fundraiser
December 4, 2009  Join Us for a Rally to Save Coal River Mountain
November 1, 2009  Urge senators to support the Hinchey Provision requiring the EPA to conduct new studies on the risks hydraulic fracturing
August 15, 2009  WVEC Fall Conference
July 24, 2009  WVEC Fall Conference and job annoucnement
July 13, 2009  Please Comment on DEP Rule 35-CSR-4, Regulating  “Oil and Gas Wells” 
July 3, 2009 2010 DEP proposed rules comment periods, WVEC Fall Meeting
May 4, 2009  Buckhannon Informational Meeting on Power Line Set for May 8th
April 13, 2009  Federal Government to hold Public Hearing in Kanawha Valley to Probe Bayer Chemical Plant Explosion
April 8, 2009  Bad Bill Passes out of committee – goes to House Floor – please help!
April 6, 2009 Three bad bills, a great bill, and an absurd bill
March 26, 2009  PUBLIC HEARING SCHEDULED FOR HB 3000 – Imposing tax on Transmission Lines
Feb. 4, 2009  Support the WVEC Lobby Team!


November 25, 2008  Call Gov. Manchin - No Blasting - Wind Power for Coal River Mountain
November 6, 2008 WVEC 2008 Fall Gathering Reminder
October 27, 2008  WVEC 2008 Fall Gathering
September 9, 2008  Coal company to begin destruction of major West Virginia wind energy resource
July 6, 2008  2009 DEP Rules Open for Public Comment
June 16, 2008  Sign The Petition to Support Clean Elections in WV
May 28, 2008  Comment Period and Public Hearing: DEP Administrative Stream Protection Rule
May 5, 2008  Vote "Green"
March 5, 2008 Demand Protection for West Virginia's Cleanest Streams!
February 29, 2008  SB 770 (This bill is the Solid Waste Assessment Fee Reduction / Out of state Garbage Incentive) – Relating to the McDowell County Landfill).
February 21, 2008  Urgent!!! Please Call Senate Judiciary Members Now!
February 19, 2008  Action Alert - Cancellation Notice
February 11, 2008  Contact Legislators NOW to Restore Tier 2.5 Stream List
February 15, 2008  Dates / Events of Interest This Week: Please try to attend as many of these events as possible.
January 25, 2008 Contact Legislators NOW to Keep Streams Clean -- WV's Congressional Delegation Announces Intent to Introduce Wilderness Legislation for the Monongahela National Forest


December 10, 2007  Important Oil and Gas Rule on Agenda Tuesday
December 6, 2007  Important Public Hearing on Stream Protection Rules
November 26, 2007  Call Legislative Rule-Making Review Committee Members Now!
November 7, 2007  Request for Proposals for (A) Legislative Lobby Team Coordinator, and (B) Legislative Lobbyists
August 30, 2007  Oppose Effort by the Bush Administration to Blow Up Mountains and Destroy Streams in Appalachia - Please urge your legislators to support the inclusion of environmental education in the No Child Left Behind reauthorization bill as proposed in the No Child Left Inside Act of 2007!
August 9, 2007  Aug. 15: Say NO to coal-to-liquid fuels; come to demonstration in Beckley, W.Va.
July 24, 2007 Comments on the new DNR rules for drilling in all State Forests are due by Noon, on Friday, July 27, 2007.
July 15, 2007 Public Hearing Monday on DEP Water Rules
July 9, 2007 DEP Slashes Tier 2.5 Stream List: Public Hearing and Comment Period on DEP Water Rules
July 5, 2007  Tuesday, July 10: Support Mingo Residents Organizing to Appeal Mining Permit -- New Comment Period for the Blackwater Canyon Trail!! (Deadline July 23!)
June 26, 2007 Speak Out Against Pollution: DEP Rules Open for Public Comment
May 24, 2007 WV DEP Water Quality Meetings, May 29, May 30, May 31
May 14, 2007 Water quality meeting set for Little Kanawha watershed -- Help Stop Mountaintop Removal: Urge Your Congress Person to Support HR 2169
May 3, 2007 Urge Congress To Pass the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bills (S-309) and (H.R. 1590) -- Support Wilderness Designations on the Monongahela National Forest!
March 26, 2007  Protect the Meadow River: Stop the Western Greenbrier Co-Generation Project"
March 14, 2007 March 18 Deadline for Comments: Public Comment: WV NPDES Water Pollution Control Permit Modification for PPG Industries
March 6, 2007 Oppose SB 629
March 3, 2007 SB 629 (Increasing the McDowell County Land Fill to 100,000 tons per month)
February 26, 2007 Protect WV's Streams
February 19, 2007 Critical Votes for Clean Water This Week: Ask Legislators to Support DEP Water Quality Rules
February 10, 2007 Contact Senate Enery Industry and Mining (EIM) Committee -- Support Bottle Bill - HB 2773
February 6, 2007 Water Quality standards (SB 259) and Antidegradation (SB 255) scheduled to be taken up tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 7th.
February 1, 2007 Tell WV State Senators to OPPOSE SCR 29
January 30 Clean Elections Bill - S 118 - To be taken up in Sen. Judiciary Committee this Thursday! Call Senate Judiciary Committee members
January 18 Important Environmental Vote in US House this week! -- Support the Bottle Bill
January 15 The draft Environmental Impact Statement for a coal plant in Greenbrier County is out for public comment - Comments due:  January 17, 2007....this Wednesday !  --  Call on Congress to invest in renewable energy


November 15, 2006  No Matter Where You Live, Your Comments Are Needed by Nov 22 and Nov 27 -- Rally to Help stop mercury contamination!
October 10. 2006 Interim Committee to Examine Underground Coal Slurry Injection -- Competition in Waste Hauling
September 19, 2006 Forest Service ignores 13,000 public comments in its final Management Plan.  Contact West Virginia’s Congressional Delegation and ask them to support wilderness legislation! 
August 23, 2006  Save This Date -- "Take Back America" Rally & March -- Clean Elections Week: August 21st - 25th -- Smart Energy Summer
June 30, 2006 The future of clean water in West Virginia is at stake: Tell DEP to Keep Our Rivers and Streams Clean
June 21, 2006 - West Virginia Wilderness Coalition Outreach Coordinator Position -- Take Action: Usda Close to Approving Genetically Engineered Plums
June 13, 2006 - Action Memos, Calendar reminders
May 24, 2006 Save The Freedom of the Internet ! This is Crucial to WVEC'S Networking Ability -- Hit the phones and save the Arctic! AGAIN !
May 22, 2006  Meeting to oppose a Co-Generation Coal Fired Power Plant in Greenbrier Co.-- Action needed to nominate Blair Mountain as a Historical Landmark -- Call Your Senator in Support of the Clean EDGE Act of 2006 -- And lastly
May 15, 2006  Comment Period Deadline Extended --We'll Need You to Comment by May 31; Urgent Action Needed: Tell Congress to Stop the EPA from Cutting Toxic Pollution Reporting; Vote on Walden Logging Bill Next Week - Call in Day Tuesday!
March 14, 2006 Take Action --- STOP drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ..... again ! -- Take Action (from Environmental Defense)
March 8, 2006  Sign Ons Needed – Oppose Walden-Baird Logging Bill; National Forests and Grasslands Up for Grabs; Roadless Area Conservation
February 27, 2006 Compromise Reached on Mercury Rule; The Sludge Bill; Anti-Wilderness Resolution Sent to Sub-Committee; Fate of Clean Elections Uncertain; Bottle Bill Hits Special Interest Wall
February 17, 2006  Mercury Rule Does Not Protect Human Health
February 16, 2006 Help stop the anti-wilderness movement in the WV legislature!
February 10, 2005  Critical Vote for “Clean Elections Bill”
February 8, 2006  Ask Senators to Support S.B. 136
February 3, 2006   Blackwater Trail; Last Chance to Sign the Citizen Roadless Petition; Reminder – NEPA Comments Due February 6th; Student Opportunity
January 25, 2006  Critical Vote for “Clean Elections” . . . Ask Senators to Support S.B. 124


December 28, 2005 Reminder: Stream Protection Comments Due Dec. 31
December 24, 2005 Act now to protect the Clean Water Act!
December 15. 2005 Take Action Now to Stop Epa's Dangerous Reporting Rollbacks
December 3, 2005 Antidegradation Comment Period Extended
November 17, 2005 Last Chance to Comment on Changes to NEPA - Comments Needed by November 23, 2005
October 28, 2005 McDowell County Mega-Landfill Proposed
October 11, 2005 Water Quality Standards - Triennial Review for 2007 - Comment Suggestions; Stop Congress and the Bush administration from seriously degrading organic standards
September 28, 2005 Support Wilderness this Thursday at the State Capitol
September 19, 2005 DEADLINE IMMEDIATE: Senate votes tomorrow, Sept. 20th, on reducing controls over organic food standards; Stand up for Your Right to be Heard! Comments Needed by September 26th; REMINDER: Nominate a "Most Endangered River"; Save the Endangered Species Act from Being Seriously Weakened
September 9, 2005 Call Byrd, Rockefeller to Stop Toxic Mercury Pollution; Coopers Rock State Forest In Danger; Sept. 20 DC Arctic NWR Action; Nov. 14th is your last chance to tell the government to keep Mon Forest Wild!
August 16, 2005 Take Action to Protect the Mon!; Buffer Zone Rules Comment Period Extended to September 1st; Call For Support and Participation - Regatta Festival Weekend, Charleston; And, lastly, a Reminder....
August 11, 2005  No Matter Where You Live, Act by Monday: Buffer Streams from Valley Fills; You Call This Justice? EPA Environmental Justice Plan Stinks
July 27, 2005 CAFTA, Energy Bill
July 26, 2005 Please Come Out July 30 to help end mountaintop removal mining; Please Comment--OSM Agrees To Do Environmental Impact Statement On Stream Buffer Rules
July 20, 2005 Pombo Gearing Up to Introduce Wildlife Extinction Bill; Call on Congress to Eliminate Federal Timber Sale Program Subsidies; "WVEC Memo" memo
June 29, 2005 Stop the Expansion of NAFTA to Central America (CAFTA); Tell Governor Manchin: No More Mountaintop Removal!; West Virginia Wilderness Coalition Job Opening
June 15, 2005 Tell the Senate to stand up for our environment!; FYI: Sewage Dumping Policy Stopped!; Also See: India: Calls to Ban GM Crops Intensify After Rats Suffer
June 3, 2004 The Clean Water Protection Act; Kyoto Petition
April 4, 2004 Still time to save EQB / Tell Legislators to Make Timber Pay Its Share!!  Public Hearing on SB 746
April 3, 2005 Save EQB – Oppose SB 287/HB 2889
March 27, 2005 Tell WV State Senators to Oppose SCR 67
March 24, 2005 Coalition for Clean Elections Needs Your Help!!!
March 23, 2005 Save EQB - Oppose HCR49 - Action Alert- West Virginia Environmental Council
March 10, 2005 Future of EQB on the Line
February 23, 2005  Call legislators to support Clean Elections
February 15, 2005  Take Action to protect the New River Gorge from Massive Development
February 5, 2005  Fair and Clean Elections needs your help!
February 1, 2005  WVEC Legislative Blast OFF Party Notice
January 13, 2005  A message from Robert Redford about the Arctic Refuge
January 12, 2005 Contact the Forest Service Now to Protect the Mon!  
January 6, 2005  WVEC Fundraiser


December 31, 2004  Clean Water Action Alert
November 29, 2004  Notice of Public Hearing and Public Comment Period
October 11, 2004  Request for Proposals for Lobby Team Coordinator
September 9, 2004  WVEC Fall Convention
June 8, 2004  Solid Waste Authority Meeting
March 9, 2004  Saving the Environmental Quality Board (EQB)
March 8, 2004  Saving the Environmental Quality Board (EQB)
March 5, 2004  Saving the Environmental Quality Board
March 3, 2004  Still Trying to Save the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) - not much time!
March 1, 2004   Saving the Environmental Quality Board
February 23, 2004  All-Terrain Vehicle Legislation Still Headed Down Wrong Road
February 19. 2004  Clean election committee members who really need to hear from folks 
February 18, 2004  Please call the ATV conference committee - ask them to KEEP ATV'S OFF PAVED ROADS!!!
February 3, 2004   All-Terrain Vehicle Legislation
February 1, 2004  All-Terrain Vehicle Legislation Headed Down Wrong Road
January 26, 2004  All-Terrain Vehicle Legislation Headed Down Wrong Road
January 8, 2004  Public hearing on Water quantity bill


December 7, 2003  Bottle Bill Meeting; WVRC Job Announcement
November 19, 2003  WVEC Fall Benefit with Kodac Harrison !!!; Cranberry Backcountry Road Petition
October 26, 2003  Request For Proposals for Lobby Team Coordinator; Request for Proposals for Lobby Team Members
October 14, 2003 - Bottle Bill Action; National Forests at Risk
September 20, 2003 - Greenspace; Dining Out for Clean Water; Sustainability Festival October 11-12th; New WVEC E-mail Action Alert Coordinator

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