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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 28, 2015
Roundup of the Week’s Activities
On Wednesday, "Category A" protection for the portion of the Kanawha River that flows through Charleston passed the House 85-13 and is headed to the Senate. Previously, this was S.B. 167, but it's now been bundled with other DEP rules in H.B. 2283. More... More
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WV Coal Dome
Legislative Updates WVEC February 21, 2015
GREEN Vol. 25 Issue 6
Keep it Up!, Angie Rosser: Another water safety lesson learned?, Hoping for a Flying LEEP!, Bi-Partisan Leadership from Kanawha County Delegation Moves Category A Protections Smoothly to House Floor, “Accidental Activists” , In the press recently, Bill We Are Tracking More
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Net metering
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 21, 2015
Hoping for a Flying LEEP!
Energy Efficient West Virginia, the WVEC and others have been working on a bill that would authorize local governments to adopt local energy effiency partnership (LEEP) programs, which are funding mechanisms to improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings. Bonds backed by savings on energy costs would pay for the efficiency upgrades, and the bonds would be repaid by commercial building owners on their tax assessments. Currently thirty states have similar programs in place, and Kentucky's House of Representatives approved a bill to authorize such a program. More
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Newsletter article Rob Goodwin February 14, 2015
HB2004 Anti-Clean Power Plan Bill heads to Senate Floor with $500,000 Fiscal Note
On Thursday, February, 12th the Senate Judiciary committee sent HB2004 to the Senate floor with an expected vote this week. HB2004 will require legislative approval before any state plan is submitted to EPA under the proposed Clean Power Plan rules to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives of the WVDEP, Alpha Natural Resources, and the Attorney General’s office spoke before the committee and answered questions on the proposed measure. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 14, 2015
Bills We Are Tracking
[pdf-embedder url=”https://wvecouncil.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/BillTrkngList0214.pdf”] More
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WV Coal Dome
Legislative Updates WVEC February 14, 2015
GREEN Vol. 25 Issue 5
Crunch Time, E-Day, you and your legislators, HB2004 Anti-Clean Power Plan Bill heads to Senate Floor with $500,000 Fiscal Note, Category A: the latest, Roundup of the week’s activities, Please join us for E-day on Wednesday!, Bills We Are Tracking More
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WV Coal Dome
Legislative Updates WVEC February 2, 2015
GREEN Vol. 25 Issue 3
Update on AREPS Repeal/Net Metering, WVDEP Budget and Civil Penalties, Support Category A Protection for Our Waters, A Little More about Coal’s Wish List , Energy Efficiency is Good for West Virginians, Join Us for E-Day! and other important stuff, Bills We Are Tracking More
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Newsletter article Jim Kotcon February 1, 2015
Energy Efficiency is Good for West Virginians. Amend Com Sub HB 2004.
HB 2004 amends the WV Air Pollution Control Act (22-5-20) to require legislative approval for any state plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from electric power plants. The Committee Substitute also eliminates the language, 22-5-20-(c) (4), that directs a state plan include counting emissions from power plants that closed recently, as well as reductions in emissions from energy efficiency programs. More
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Energy efficiency
Action Alerts Conni Lewis February 1, 2015
Public Hearing Monday February 2, 5pm. Come to the Capitol
HB2004, and its Senate companion SB4, would ensure "legislative control over any state compliance plan" the DEP develops once the rule is final. It limits the agency's flexibility in creating a workable compliance plan. While the House Judiciary committee did revise the bill, it still requires DEP to get legislative approval before submitting a plan to EPA. The legislation requires DEP to prepare a feasibility report that would include the effects of the rule on the state. This report would impose costs on an agency that would be better used to create the complliance plan. And the state only has one year to comply with the rule. The result could be an EPA imposed plan on West Virginia without considering West Virginia's ability to comply. More
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Legislative Updates WVEC January 25, 2015
GREEN Vol. 25 Issue 2
Dismantling Silos | Can Young Innovation and Entrepreneurship Change the Course of the 2015 Regressive Legislature? | Repeal of the Alternative and Renewable Portfolio Standards Act Passes both Houses | Debate highlights W.Va.’s inaction on energy diversity, efficiency | Here’s a Great Idea–Let’s Shoot Ourselves in Both Feet! | Important Dates ‘n Other Stuff | Bills We Are Tracking More
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Newsletter article Rob Goodwin January 25, 2015
Can Young Innovation and Entrepreneurship Change the Course of the 2015 Regressive Legislature?
There is one thing that repealing the WV Alternative Energy and Renewal Portfolio Standard (SB1), legislation limiting flexibility in the creation of a State Clean Power Plan HB2004 / SB4, and mandating state DHHR, DNR, DEP rules are no more stringent than federal rules (HB2269) have in common. They are priority bills at the top of the 2015 Legislature’s agenda closing doors for opportunities in innovation and entrepreneurship. More
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Newsletter article Ken Ward January 25, 2015
Debate highlights W.Va.’s inaction on energy diversity, efficiency
As lawmakers move to dismantle West Virginia’s six-year-old alternative-energy law, they tout their action as another effort to help the state’s declining coal industry. However, state records show that the 2009 law actually does little to hurt the coal industry and maybe even less to really promote alternatives like wind energy or solar power. West Virginia’s coal-heavy utilities say they have been — and will continue to be — able to meet the law without adding new renewable generation. More
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Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe January 22, 2015
Before 2:00 p.m.: Contact House Energy Committee Members on CPP
Before 2:00 p.m.: Contact House Energy Committee Members on CPPBelow is an article by Emmett Pepper for WV-CAG’s newsletter on Friday. H.B. 2004 has appeared on the agenda of the House Energy Committee today at 2:00 p.m. Please call or e-mail the members right away and ask them to make one of the two changes Emmett suggests below. More
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Legislative Updates WVEC April 1, 2013
GREEN Vol. 23 Issue 7
[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.wvecouncil.org/vault/legislative-update/2013/04_01.pdf” save=”1″] More
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Action Alerts WVEC March 25, 2013
Clean Elections HB 2805 and Energy Efficiency HB 2210
West Virginia Environmental Council Action Alert March 25, 2013 WVEC supporters – We need you to place calls and e-mails regarding two very important pieces of legislation that need to move this week if they have a chance of passing this session. Please take a look at the two ACTION ALERTS below: Clean Elections HB […] More
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Legislative Updates WVEC March 22, 2013
GREEN Vol. 23 Issue 6
[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.wvecouncil.org/vault/legislative-update/2013/03_22.pdf” save=”1″] More
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Legislative Updates WVEC March 8, 2013
GREEN Vol. 23 Issue 4
[pdf-embedder url=”https://wvecouncil.org/vault/legislative-update/2013/03_08.pdf” cache=”0″] More
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