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Action Alerts WVEC March 23, 2024
Hydrogen Energy Listening Session and more
Hydrogen Energy Listening Session | Help protect public lands! | Register for a Community Action Event in Charleston! More
Issues: Energy efficiencyPublic lands
Newsletter article WVEC January 12, 2024
2024 Legislative Priorities
As we head into the 2024 legislative session, there are several policy issues to monitor and bills to follow. In November of 2023, WVEC members and member groups gathered at Tygart Lake State Park for WVEC’s annual meeting to discuss and decide on its legislative priorities.  More
Issues: Energy efficiencyLegislationPublic landsWater
Action Alerts WVEC August 2, 2023
This Saturday in Raleigh County: Energy Solutions for a Greener Future!
The West Virginians for Energy Freedom coalition is coming to Beckley THIS SATURDAY, August 5th! If you are in or near Beckley, please join us at the Raleigh County Public Library from 2 PM to 4 PM. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyOpportunityRenewable energy
Kanawha River and WV Coal Legislature
Blog WVEC November 1, 2022
2023 Legislative Priorities
Community Solar - promote access to affordable renewable energy through a solar facility subscription service where customers can purchase an interest in a solar facility and use credits against their electric utility costs. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyRenewable energyState parksWater
Action Alerts WVEC March 31, 2021
Today is Crossover Day when bills must pass their house of origin to stay alive
Here’s a quick recap of some bills we are still watching and how you can help. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksEnergy efficiencyPower purchase agreements
Newsletter article WVEC March 26, 2021
Busy Week at the WV Legislature: Here’s the Latest
We have compiled a list of bills we are following with updates and recommendations on actions you can take to help us out! More
Issues: Aboveground tanksCoalDEPEnergy efficiencyPower purchase agreementsWater
Legislative Updates WVEC March 5, 2021
GREEN, Volume 31 Issue 5
Spring time is just around the corner and we are ecstatic to move toward warmer weather and sunny skies. We are also excited to see you at E-Day this Wednesday, March 10 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM! More
Issues: EdayEnergy efficiencyOpportunityPower purchase agreementsWater
Newsletter article WVEC March 5, 2021
Update on Bills to Support
As we approach the halfway point of the 2021 legislative session there are a few bills we are supporting that are still pending in committees. SB30, sponsored by Senator Trump, which would permit third-party ownership of renewable and alternative energy generating facilities, is currently in the Senate Committee on Economic Development with a second reference to Senate Government Organization. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyPower purchase agreementsState parks
Newsletter article WVEC February 26, 2021
Two Bills to Support This Week
HB2667, introduced by Delegate Clay Riley, is intended to promote cost savings for state taxpayers by implementing: an energy savings program for assessment and implementation of energy savings goals for state buildings and provide for prequalification of energy savings performance contractors; auditing energy metering devices installed at state buildings; and establishing benchmarking and energy efficiency goals for state buildings. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyPower purchase agreementsRenewable energy
Legislative Updates WVEC February 26, 2021
GREEN, Volume 31 Issue 4
If you have been keeping up with our social media, you are aware that we, along with other WV advocacy organizations, requested a public hearing for HB 2598 from both Delegate Anderson and Delegate Pack, which were denied. In response to these denials, we collaborated with WV Rivers Coalition, OVEC, WV CAG and WV Sierra Club to host our own People’s Public Hearing today to which all legislators and members of the public were invited. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyInfrastructurePollutionPower purchase agreementsWater
Legislative Updates WVEC February 9, 2019
GREEN, Volume 29 Issue 5
We are following so many bills, it would be hard to list them all here. However, here is a list that gives you an idea of the issues we are focused on and some actions you can take if you want to join us at the Capitol, or want to make a few calls from home. More
Issues: Clean electionsEnergy efficiencyOil and gasPollutionWater
Newsletter article Ben Kessler February 1, 2019
Pick Up the Phone for PPAs
As I previously wrote to you last week, Senate Bill 409, which legalizes Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for on-site renewable and alternative energy generation will hopefully be on the Senate EIM agenda this upcoming week. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyRenewable energy
Legislative Updates WVEC February 1, 2019
GREEN, Volume 29 Issue 4
WV SB 52 would "entitle natural resource producers to economic opportunity tax credit.” That sounds innocent and technical enough, but what this bill would actually do is slice the severance tax and corporate taxes on natural gas and coal companies by around 80%. More
Issues: Clean electionsDEPEdayEnergy efficiencyRenewable energy
Newsletter article Karan Ireland March 3, 2018
Bad Utility Bill Dies on Senate Floor
In a dramatic turn of events, SB 600 which would have allowed discounted utility rates for large industrial energy users, but would have raised residential rates, was defeated on the Senate floor on crossover. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyLegislation
Action Alerts WVEC February 20, 2018
Ask House Energy Committee to pass the LEEP Act!
HB 2534, the Local Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) Act is in the House Energy Committee and must be passed by both the House Energy and Finance Committees before it can be voted on by the full House. Time is running out to get the bill passed and over to the Senate. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyLegislation
Newsletter article Keena Mullins January 13, 2018
Statement from the President on WVEC Priorities
My name is Keena Mullins and I have been honored to serve the WVEC as Vice-President during the past year. In December 2017, I was elected to the position of Board President. I joined the Ecouncil because I think that through advocacy and creative organizing, we can make a real impact at the legislature. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyLegislationWater
Legislative Updates Laura Davidson March 9, 2017
GREEN Vol. 27 Issue 5
Water safety is one of our top priorities during the 2017 WV Legislative Session. In case you missed it, another water bill, HB 2811 was introduced on Tuesday. HB 2811 would add exemptions to the Aboveground Storage Tank Act, passed after the 2014 chemical spill by Freedom Industries into the Elk River that contaminated water for 300,000 in the Kanawha Valley. Stay tuned for more information on actions as we track this bill. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyLegislationOil and gasPollutionWater
Newsletter article Bill Price March 4, 2016
Shall we LEEP into the future?
As some may already be aware, the Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) has died in the Legislature. After much time in the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee, it finally passed out of there and was ready for the Senate Floor. But instead, at the behest of lobbyists from First Energy and American Electric Power (AEP), the bill was assigned to the “rules committee”. More
Issues: Energy efficiency
Legislative Updates WVEC March 4, 2016
GREEN Vol. 26 Issue 8
Shall we LEEP into the future?, Misuse of terms, Bills still standing, Severance taxes, “Not so fast,” says the EPA, Bills We Are Tracking, WV Environmental Council Annual Awards Dinner More
Issues: CoalEnergy efficiencyFrackingOil and gasWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 26, 2016
Not one, not two–THREE bits of good news!
On Thursday the Senate EIM committee passed S.B. 370, the LEEP bill (Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships). The second committee reference has been waived, so prospects look good for the bill making it out of the Senate before crossover day (Wednesday, 3/2)! More
Issues: Climate changeEnergy efficiencyLegislationWater
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