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The People's Foot
Newsletter article Bill Price March 19, 2015
The 2015 legislative session, for the most part is done. I want to thank every citizen who called, came to a hearing, talked to the Legislator, emailed, facebooked, held a sign, brought cookies, spoke to the press, or in any way helped out. I also want to extend a huge thanks to Conni Lewis, the Legislative coordinator and the lobby team of Rob Goodwin and Vickie Wolfe who stayed at it to the bitter end. Add to that the progressive lobbyists who were present in the face of a strong wind to blow us backwards, but who never failed to try to move WV forward. Everyone tried and all worked hard. More
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Extreme Energy Makeover
Legislative Updates WVEC March 19, 2015
GREEN Vol. 25 Issue 9
Forward, We live to fight another day as the 2015 Legislative Session Wraps Up,There’s even more to be concerned about, ASTA Rollback: The Final Chapter, Spring Reflections, For the Environment: What was gained, what was lost this session, More to read More
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Kanawha River and WV Coal Legislature
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 18, 2015
For the Environment: What was gained, what was lost this session
Yes, believe it or not, there were a couple of "gains." One of those was the restoration of "Category A" status to the lower 72-mile stretch of the Kanawha River, which means that that section of the Kanawha may be used as source water for drinking water facilities. The WVEC and our allies worked hard to shepherd this rule through the process. More
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WV/ALEC Capitol
Legislative Updates WVEC March 7, 2015
GREEN Vol. 25 Issue 8
Reaction and Action , Update on S.B. 423, “Amending the Aboveground Storage Tank Act”, Hearing focuses concerns about tank law rollback, Coal Gets a Tax Cut Through HB2675 Despite its Continued Drain on State Budget, The Plot Sickens, Roundup: The Week Just Passed, The Week Ahead, In the media this week, CORRECTION!, Bills We Are Tracking More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 7, 2015
Roundup: The Week Just Passed, The Week Ahead
On Monday the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to take up H.B. 2283. This is the DEP rules bundle that contains the rule that proposes to restore “Category A” (drinking water) status to the section of the Kanawha River that flows through Charleston. This designation is necessary before a drinking water intake could be placed on that section of the Kanawha. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 7, 2015
The “action alert” we sent you on Friday erroneously identified the “Category A” bill being taken up by Senate Judiciary on Monday as H.B. 2289.  2289 was “bundled” into H.B. 2283.  Please use H.B. 2283 in your communications with Senate Judiciary members. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 28, 2015
Roundup of the Week’s Activities
On Wednesday, "Category A" protection for the portion of the Kanawha River that flows through Charleston passed the House 85-13 and is headed to the Senate. Previously, this was S.B. 167, but it's now been bundled with other DEP rules in H.B. 2283. More... More
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Additional reading
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 20, 2015
In the press recently:
Pertaining to the "Coal Jobs and Safety Act:" W.Va. lawmakers tweaking environmental, safety regs to aid flailing coal sector (SNL Financial). Pertaining to the Fayette County train derailment: Derailment highlights crude oil train, water safety issues (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette). Pertaining to "Category A" status for the Kanawha River: Lawmakers consider change for the mighty Kanawha (MetroNews), Lawmakers urged to keep drinking water protections (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette), Kanawha drinking water rule advances (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette) More
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WV Coal Dome
Newsletter article Bill Price February 14, 2015
Crunch Time
If you’ve been reading these messages the past few weeks, you’ve seen me write about getting out of our silos and getting involved in all of the anti-water legislation that is moving through the WV Legislature this year. Over the next several days, we are in what I can only describe as “crunch time” and we need YOU. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 14, 2015
Category A: the latest
On Tuesday morning, H.B. 2289 passed out of the House Industry and Labor Committee intact (yay!). This is the DEP rule change that would restore "Category A," or drinking water designation to the 72-mile stretch of the Kanawha River that runs through Charleston. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the meeting, and/or contacted committee members! More
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Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe February 13, 2015
Help us fight for clean water! Attend a public hearing on Monday morning.
Please attend a public hearing on H.B. 2289 ("Category A") on Monday, February 16 at 8:30 a.m. in the House chamber. This is a DEP rules bill that would restore "Category A" (drinking water) status to the section of the Kanawha River that runs through Charleston. More
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