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Coal sunset
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 11, 2016
More from the Charleston Gazette-Mail
DEP’s Huffman: Focus on how to deal with climate change, Forty percent flatter and still changing, Senate approves coal bill 30-4 More
Issues: Climate changeCoalMountaintop removalRegulation
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 10, 2016
Day 59: where things stand
Remember that S.B. 625 provides that, when public water utilities involve the public in developing their source water protection plans, they are allowed to share information that is already in the public domain. It passed the House on Thursday and is headed to the Governor; you can read more in a Gazette-Mail report here. And more. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksSolid wasteWater
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe March 7, 2016
Down the home stretch: please help us get across the finish line!
H.B. 4435 is on the agenda of the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday). This bill would allow utilities to obtain "expedited rate recovery" for upgrades to boilers (the normal practice is that such upgrades must be "used and useful" before the costs can be incorporated into electric rates paid by consumers). ... We oppose the bill because it is just another excuse by out-of-state corporations to gouge local ratepayers. Please contact committee members and tell them to VOTE NO! More
Issues: DrillingSolid wasteWater
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe February 27, 2016
Please help THREE BILLS get out of the Senate!
This Wednesday, March 2 is the deadline by which all bills must pass out of their "house or origin" or else they're dead. Because they must be "read" on three different days, they must be on "first reading" by Monday. More
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 26, 2016
Not one, not two–THREE bits of good news!
On Thursday the Senate EIM committee passed S.B. 370, the LEEP bill (Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships). The second committee reference has been waived, so prospects look good for the bill making it out of the Senate before crossover day (Wednesday, 3/2)! More
Issues: Climate changeEnergy efficiencyLegislationWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 26, 2016
Good news AND bad news
All the majority's "regulatory reform" measures have been rolled into one "Christmas tree" bill, S.B. 619, which was passed by the Senate Government Organization Committee on Tuesday. More
Issues: Regulation
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 24, 2016
Now the bits of not-so-good news
Last week we told you about S.B. 508, which takes away Mountaineers' freedom to file nuisance lawsuits against those who might make their lives miserable via noise, dust, etc., as long as the perpetrator has not broken a law, violated a permit, etc. And drillers' permits have no provisions related to noise, etc. More
Issues: DrillingLegislationOil and gas
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe February 23, 2016
TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Please contact two Senate committees
West Virginia Environmental Council Action Alert View / Comment Online SUNDAY, February 28 is the date by which all bills must be passed out of committee in their house of origin.  We need your help in getting two Senate bills moving before it’s too late. The LEEP Act (S.B. 370) has still not been taken […] More
Issues: Energy efficiencyWater
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe February 18, 2016
URGENT: Tell Senate EIM to vote NO on S.B. 565!
Please contact Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee members BEFORE 1:00 p.m. TODAY (THURSDAY) and tell them to VOTE NO on S.B. 565! This bill allows gas well drillers to enter private property, bulldoze roads, clear timber, and construct a well pad WITHOUT GETTING A WELL PERMIT! More
Issues: DrillingNatural gas
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 17, 2016
Bills We Are Tracking
WVEC's personalized bill tracking list More
Issues: Legislation
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 17, 2016
Roundup of the week’s activities
On Thursday we sent an action alert about S.B. 565, which allows gas well drillers to enter private property, bulldoze roads, clear timber, and construct a well pad without obtaining a well permit. And more! More
Issues: LegislationNatural gasRegulationWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 17, 2016
Land Conservation Tax Credit Act introduced
The West Virginia Land Trust is advocating for S.B. 554, the Land Conservation Tax Credit Act of 2016. This bill provides for a state tax credit equal to 50 percent of the fair market value of donated conservation easements up to $1 million per year. More
Issues: Legislation
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 11, 2016
Tuesday’s Water Events
On Tuesday a rally and press conference were held in the lower rotunda to "demand government accountability for protection of safe drinking water," and to release a letter of solidarity to the residents of Flint, MI from 37 West Virginia groups, including the WVEC. More
Issues: Social justiceWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 9, 2016
Paying for water used for fracking
Given the state's revenue crisis, doesn't it make sense that, if someone uses water in such a way that it isn't recyclable--i.e., it can't go back into the hydrologic cycle--they should be required to pay for "using up" that water? More
Issues: FrackingLegislationWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 8, 2016
DEP rules pass out of Judiciary
At press time last Friday (5th), the House Judiciary Committee was still chewing on the DEP rules. Here are the highlights. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksNatural gasRegulationWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 8, 2016
MORE regulatory reform!
Since our last newsletter, the Senate has introduced several bills intended to advance their "regulatory reform" agenda. S.B. 535 is another of those "no more stringent than Federal requirements" bills; this one pertains specifically to water. More
Issues: LegislationPollutionRegulationWater
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe February 8, 2016
URGENT: Contact Senators TODAY; come to the capitol TOMORROW
Contact Senate Judiciary members TODAY; come to the Capitol for water events TOMORROW. More
Issues: Clean electionsWater
Additional reading
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 7, 2016
This week in the Charleston Gazette-Mail
Ritchie lawmaker pushing ‘forced pooling’ no stranger to the gas industry Senate GOP stalls campaign finance bill after Dem amendments Study details how mining has flattened WV Justices’ ruling may slow, but won’t stop, coal’s decline More
Issues: Clean electionsClimate changeMountaintop removalNatural gas
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