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TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Please contact two Senate committees

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Feb 23, 2016 View / Comment Online Donate
SUNDAY, February 28 is the date by which all bills must be passed out of committee in their house of origin.  We need your help in getting two Senate bills moving before it’s too late.

The LEEP Act (S.B. 370) has still not been taken up by the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee.  Remember that LEEP (Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships)is a funding mechanism that empowers commercial building owners to make their buildings more efficient and pay for the upgrades on their tax tickets. The upgrades are funded by privately held bonds that are backed by the energy savings.
Here are some talking points:

* The LEEP Act can help broaden West Virginia’s economic base by making it easy for businesses to hire construction contractors to make cost-effective upgrades to their buildings
* Creating Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships is completely voluntary for local governments to adopt under the Act, so if it isn’t right for some communities, it will not be adopted.
* Improving buildings and cutting utility costs helps businesses stay in West Virginia and keep jobs in the state.

Please contact members of the EIM committee and ask them to a) put the bill on their agenda, and b) vote for it!

Under 2014’s S.B. 373, public water utilities are to work with their customers in developing source water protection plans.  But 2015’s S.B. 423 placed restrictions on information these utilities are allowed to share with the public.  This information is already subject to public disclosure, so it isn’t like the PWUs would be revealing secrets.

S.B. 625 removes these restrictions.  Please contact members of the Senate Judiciary committee and ask them to a) put the bill on their agenda, and b) vote for it!

Additional information is here in WV Rivers Coalition’s fact sheet.

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