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Newsletter article Bill Price March 4, 2016
Shall we LEEP into the future?
As some may already be aware, the Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) has died in the Legislature. After much time in the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee, it finally passed out of there and was ready for the Senate Floor. But instead, at the behest of lobbyists from First Energy and American Electric Power (AEP), the bill was assigned to the “rules committee”. More
Issues: Energy efficiency
Newsletter article Bill Price February 26, 2016
Who are they helping?
I had dinner last night with friends in Lexington and the subject of our respective state legislative bodies came up. Kentucky State Senator Brandon Smith has just introduced a bill in the Kentucky Senate that would end the requirement that mine foremen annually take six hours of training provided by the Kentucky Division of Mine Safety. The […] More
Issues: CoalLegislationSocial justice
Newsletter article Bill Price February 19, 2016
Vote….and what else
If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know that I often talk about getting more involved. The reason that I keep pounding on this is that I don’t think we can win victories that change the power in WV, win real improvements in the lives of people, and support the empowerment of individuals without grassroots power being exercised. More
Issues: LegislationSocial justice
Power plant
Newsletter article Bill Price February 12, 2016
The Supreme Spin!!
I would imagine, unless you’ve been incapacitated by the latest flu bug, that you have heard about the Supreme Court decision of last Tuesday night regarding the Clean Power Plan (CPP). More
Issues: EnergyEnergy efficiencyRenewable energy
Newsletter article Bill Price February 5, 2016
Water, Water, Water…did I say WATER!!
I wish the leaders in our legislature were simply fiddling and passing trivial bills in the middle of the current state of crisis in WV. But what they are actually doing is more than trivial, it’s irresponsible. More
Issues: AluminumPollutionSeleniumWater
Newsletter article Bill Price January 29, 2016
How we live
WV Free has been around since 1993 and they are steadfast that decisions around a woman’s health should be made…..ready for this… the woman. What a radical thought! More
Issues: HealthSocial justice
Water pollution from coal
Action Alerts Bill Price September 16, 2015
Come to the stream protection hearing September 17
Over the past two weeks, OSM has held hearings in Lexington, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Denver on the draft stream protection rule that will help protect our most valuable natural resource: water. More
Issues: PollutionWater
The People's Foot
Newsletter article Bill Price March 19, 2015
The 2015 legislative session, for the most part is done. I want to thank every citizen who called, came to a hearing, talked to the Legislator, emailed, facebooked, held a sign, brought cookies, spoke to the press, or in any way helped out. I also want to extend a huge thanks to Conni Lewis, the Legislative coordinator and the lobby team of Rob Goodwin and Vickie Wolfe who stayed at it to the bitter end. Add to that the progressive lobbyists who were present in the face of a strong wind to blow us backwards, but who never failed to try to move WV forward. Everyone tried and all worked hard. More
Issues: Category ACoalMountaintop removalWater
Workers Rally at WV Capitol
Newsletter article Bill Price March 7, 2015
Reaction and Action
I went to the labor rally earlier today. Speech after speech was about the need for action. Call your legislators, register to vote, vote, get your friends registered, drive your friends to the polls, get on the street, march, and rally; do anything, but do something. What inspiring words! I was so moved when they asked that people boycott Speedway Stores because workers are on strike at the Marathon facility near Ashland, that I went on to Facebook and sent that out. More
Issues: CoalPollutionWater
Newsletter article Bill Price February 28, 2015
Hearings Yes, But Listening is the Key
In the Wrap Up (on the WV State Legislature web page) for February 20th, Legislative leaders touted the number of public hearings that have been held on “bills of importance” this year. House Majority Leader Delegate Daryl Cowles (R-Morgan) said “Public hearings have long been a part of the process in the House for bills of heightened importance. This year we have had a great deal of input from citizens through the public hearing process. It is important to gather citizen input and this year we are considering numerous important bills to improve our state government- listening intently to the citizens.” I agree. But there’s a difference between “hearing” and “listening.” More
Issues: Social justiceWater
E-day at the WV capital
Newsletter article Bill Price February 21, 2015
Keep it Up!
My message to you this week is to keep it up. Even though it may seem that it’s not making a difference; that your one phone call to your Senator, who might not be on your side, isn’t changing their mind, do believe that collectively we make a difference. Do believe that unity can overcome money, just as de Tocqueville observed back in 1835. More
Issues: EdayWater
WV Coal Dome
Newsletter article Bill Price February 14, 2015
Crunch Time
If you’ve been reading these messages the past few weeks, you’ve seen me write about getting out of our silos and getting involved in all of the anti-water legislation that is moving through the WV Legislature this year. Over the next several days, we are in what I can only describe as “crunch time” and we need YOU. More
Issues: Category ACoalWater
WV Coal Dome
Newsletter article Bill Price February 7, 2015
How Does the WV Legislature ♥ Dirtier Water? Let Us Count the Ways…
This was certainly the week of water in the WV Legislature. I wish I could say that it was a good thing. But unfortunately, members of the Legislature seem determined to move us backward by leaps and bounds when it comes to ensuring that people in WV have safe, clean water to drink, to make baby formula with, to take medicine with or to brush our teeth with. They seem determined to put the interests of the polluters over the health and well- being of our people. They talk about the costs of strong laws to industry, but ignore the cost of last year’s chemical spill to businesses, particularly small businesses, and the years of disregard for water quality standards in our rural areas where people are dependent on private wells for drinking water. More
Issues: AluminumPollutionSeleniumWater
Fracking and water contamination
Newsletter article Bill Price January 25, 2015
Dismantling Silos
This past Friday and Saturday, I went to the Peoples’ Concerned about Chemical Safety’s conference entitled “Looking Forward”. The goals of the conference were to have residents have conversations about local chemical safety, look at how solutions that have worked elsewhere, and to be a part of local solutions to prevent water contamination. And there’s that common thread again….water contamination. More
Issues: CoalMCHMWater
Old Logo
Newsletter article Bill Price January 18, 2015
Evolution! Change! Transition!
Evolution! Change! Transition! We see this everywhere we turn. In nature, in our personal lives, and even in our families the one thing that is consistent is that there is change. And so it is with the WV Environmental Council. More