Local Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) Act (SB 370) Introduced

by:  Emmett Pepper, Levi Pellegrin, Energy Efficient West Virginia

The Local Energy Efficiency Partnership Act has been re-introduced this year, and is in a much stronger position to pass. If you’re not familiar, LEEP is a funding mechanism that empowers commercial building owners to make their buildings more efficient and pay for the upgrades on their tax ticket. The upgrades are funded by privately held bonds that are backed by the energy savings.

Last year, we were still working out the details of the bill at this stage, but we have hit the ground running this year with SB 370, thanks to our Senate sponsors, Senators Walters (R, Putnam) and Miller (D, Greenbrier)! The LEEP Act has been submitted by Delegates Hanshaw (R, Clay) and Fleischauer (D, Monongalia), and will likely be introduced on Tuesday, February 2nd. To keep the positive momentum going, we need to send a quick “thank you” to our sponsors! Tell them you:

  • Appreciate them introducing the LEEP Act again in 2016
  • Believe that the LEEP Act can help broaden West Virginia’s economic base
  • Look forward to working in your own community to help make it easier for businesses and families to take control of their energy bills.

Here are the email addresses of the sponsors, to send them a thank-you!


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