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URGENT: Tell Senate EIM to vote NO on S.B. 565!

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Feb 18, 2016 View / Comment Online Donate
Please contact Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee members BEFORE 1:00 p.m. TODAY (THURSDAY) and tell them to VOTE NO on S.B. 565!  This bill allows gas well drillers to enter private property, bulldoze roads, clear timber, and construct a well pad WITHOUT GETTING A WELL PERMIT!

The permit application and approval process is an important check that gives land owners a chance to at least comment on the driller’s proposed plans.  Under this bill, landowners’ opportunity to negotiate with a drillers as to location, terms and conditions would disappear.  They no longer would have any control over what happens to their property.

Mineral owners have certain rights to access property, but those rights need to be balanced against the rights of surface owners.  The current well permit process is surface owners’ one chance to negotiate a reasonable accommodation with drillers.  But under SB 565, the bulldozers could show up and much of the work could already be done before the surface owner even has a chance to participate in the legal process.

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  1. Please vote NO to S. B. 565. This should not be allowed. Please give owners some protection over invasion of their property. People are leaving WV because of this kind of activities. Having no say and property being ruined. Wells being compromised. Please vote NO.

  2. I am very disappointed to see that the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee is even considering a bill such as this. My guess is that if it were your property at stake, it would be a different matter. It makes me suspicious that some committee members may be receiving campaign funds or other assistance.

    The denial to the right of control of one’s own property should only be altered in some extreme circumstance. I cannot even think of such a circumstance to warrant losing control of property.

    PLEASE vote NO on S.B. 565

    Cheryl Pullen
    Shepherdstown, WV
    Owner of family property in Doddridge Co WV

  3. can you post to facebook so I can share it?

  4. PLEASE VOTE NO on SB565
    This bill is a violation of our rights….a big industry “grab”. Stop it now!!
    Thank you
    I speak for two thousand acres in Summers County (and)
    600 plus acres in Monroe County

  5. I am asking you to vote NO on SB 565. We can not continue to trample on the rights of private landowners. People need to have a say in what happens on their property.

  6. Please do not let the oil and gas industry interests overrule private property rights. How would you like somebody to cut trees and build roads on your land?
    You were elected to protect the interests of West Virginia citizens and not to be a puppet for the oil and gas industry.

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