Good news AND bad news

All the majority’s “regulatory reform” measures have been rolled into one “Christmas tree” bill, S.B. 619, which was passed by the Senate Government Organization Committee on Tuesday.

Two voices of reason in the discussion of 619 were those of Senators Snyder and Miller.

Senator Snyder, a veteran of rulemaking, noted that none of the bill’s sponsors are on the Rulemaking Review Committee and expressed serious concerns about the drastic increase in that committee’s workload that the bill would bring about.  He did succeed in amending the bill to change the five-year “sunset” provisions to “expiration” provisions, which allows old rules to remain in effect until they are re-authorized or new rules are promulgated.

Senator Miller observed that the bill requires agencies to submit economic impact statements accompanying new or revised rules, detailing the rule’s impacts on business and industry; but “What about the effect on our water and our air?” he asked.

Now the good news.  On Friday, when the bill was on second reading (amendment stage), Senator Miller offered an amendment requiring a health impact assessment on all rules.  It passed unanimously.

So we are now in the peculiar position of having one of our top legislative priorities amended into an awful bill!  I don’t think we can, in good conscience, promote this bill.  But if it passes, the health impact assessments are our consolation prize.

And please consider thanking Senator Miller, 🙂

Updated: February 26, 2016 — 5:49 pm

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