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This Wednesday, March 2 is the deadline by which all bills must pass out of their “house or origin” or else they’re dead.  Because they must be “read” on three different days, they must be on “first reading” by Monday.

We were delighted the LEEP (local energy efficiency partnerships) bill (S.B. 370) was finally moving, having passed out of the EIM committee unanimously on Thursday.  But now it’s stalled, thanks to FirstEnergy Corp., who are taking the stance that they are in a better position to manage energy efficiency in WV than are the businesses who could use LEEP’s mechanism to fund energy efficiency improvements.  Obviously, if electricity is used more efficiently, FirstEnergy makes less money!

S.B. 625 provides that, when public water utilities involve the public in developing their source water protection plans, they are allowed to share information that is already in the public domain.

And S.B. 691, which passed out of Senate Judiciary unanimously on Thursday, makes a couple of important changes that are essential to the DEP’s ability to develop a state implementation plan under the EPA’s clean power plan.

The Senate is working all weekend.  Please contact senators and ask them to a) put these bills on the calendar, and 2) vote YES!  Individual contact info is here, and a handy copy-and-paste e-mail list is here.


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Updated: March 3, 2016 — 6:47 am

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