Paying for water used for fracking

Given the state’s revenue crisis, doesn’t it make sense that, if someone uses water in such a way that it isn’t recyclable–i.e., it can’t go back into the hydrologic cycle–they should be required to pay for “using up” that water?

S.B. 523, introduced by Senator Sypolt, places a one cent/gallon fee “on privilege of water extraction used in natural gas well hydraulic fracturing.”

No only will this bring in some much-needed funds, it will also have the effect of encouraging frackers to use less water.

The bill has been referenced to the committee on Energy, Industry and Mining, and also the Finance Committee.

How you can help:  Please contact Senator Greg Boso, Chair of the EIM committee, and ask him to put the bill on the committee’s agenda.


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  1. This common sense bill should be placed on the agenda and receive unanimous support.

  2. Judith Smith Wilkinson


  3. Incredible that they don’t have to pay for such a precious resource!

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