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Newsletter article WVEC March 3, 2016
“Not so fast,” says the EPA
You may be sick of hearing about the coal industry's efforts to weaken water quality standards for aluminum and selenium, which have been ongoing for a few years now. These changes were codified in last year's "Coal Jobs and Safety Act," and the corresponding rules are in this year's bundle, H.B. 4053. Well, hopefully you won't mind hearing some good news. More
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Newsletter article Bill Price February 5, 2016
Water, Water, Water…did I say WATER!!
I wish the leaders in our legislature were simply fiddling and passing trivial bills in the middle of the current state of crisis in WV. But what they are actually doing is more than trivial, it’s irresponsible. More
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Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe February 2, 2016
Help! Clean water under attack!
We're expecting the House Judiciary Committee to take up water rules this Friday, February 5. Long story short, the regulations on aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) that were passed by the Legislature in the wake of the 2014 Freedom Industry spill have been weakened at every step of the way. More
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Legislative Updates WVEC January 22, 2016
GREEN Vol. 26 Issue 2
Rules Riding into the Sunset, House Energy Committee Approves DEP Rules, 2016 WVEC and WVCAG Legislative Kick-Off Blast, Congratulations, WV Rivers!, Bills We Are Tracking More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe January 22, 2016
House Energy Committee Approves DEP Rules
Fifteen DEP rules bills passed out of the House Energy Committee this week. Several of these were promulgated in response to federal (Clean Air Act) rather than state legislation. More
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WV Coal Dome
Newsletter article Bill Price February 7, 2015
How Does the WV Legislature ♥ Dirtier Water? Let Us Count the Ways…
This was certainly the week of water in the WV Legislature. I wish I could say that it was a good thing. But unfortunately, members of the Legislature seem determined to move us backward by leaps and bounds when it comes to ensuring that people in WV have safe, clean water to drink, to make baby formula with, to take medicine with or to brush our teeth with. They seem determined to put the interests of the polluters over the health and well- being of our people. They talk about the costs of strong laws to industry, but ignore the cost of last year’s chemical spill to businesses, particularly small businesses, and the years of disregard for water quality standards in our rural areas where people are dependent on private wells for drinking water. More
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Action Alerts WVEC March 11, 2013
Selenium Bill in Senate – Contact Senators ASAP
West Virginia Environmental Council Action Alert March 11, 2013        WVEC Alerts Archive Selenium Bill in Senate – Contact Senators ASAP Last week on Friday the House of Delegates passed HB 2579 the “selenium bill” by a vote of 99-0 and advanced the bill to the Senate. The Senate has referred the bill – first to […] More
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Action Alerts WVEC February 27, 2013
Public Hearing on Allowing More Toxic Selenium in WV Streams
West Virginia Environmental Council Action Alert February 27, 2013 Public Hearing on Allowing More Toxic Selenium in WV Streams Has Been Rescheduled to Monday, March 4th – 2PM in the House Chambers. Public Hearing on HB 2579 We are being told we will only have ONE hour for this Public Hearing – divided time between […] More
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