Evolution! Change! Transition!

Evolution! Change! Transition! We see this everywhere we turn. In nature, in our personal lives, and even in our families the one thing that is consistent is that there is change. And so it is with the WV Environmental Council. We have a smaller board, different processes for decision making, new team leaders, and new staff.

Marium Bria is serving as the Outreach Coordinator, responsible for a whole array of activities to bring in new supporters, new member groups, and new ideas. She has been working the past several weeks on the Legislative Kick-Off party at the Fireside Bar and Grill (above Little India) held on the 15th. Stay tuned as Marium continues making her phone calls to get YOU more involved in WVEC.

We also have a new lobby team. Connie Lewis is our new Legislative Coordinator, bringing her years of knowledge about the legislative process to the efforts of WVEC. Connie and the Government Affairs Committee (headed by new Chair, Elise Keaton) have put together a lobby team that I’m sure will work hard during this session to send the message that everyone deserves clean water, clean air and to live in healthy and safe communities. Rob Goodwin, who has been an organizer for several years is joining the team. Vickie Wolfe is returning to the team with her experience from prior years of serving on the Lobby Team. Look for action alerts and other, (dare I say newer) ways of communicating to YOU to pick up the phone or come to Charleston to lobby.

Of course, with change it is important to recognize that some things don’t change. We have a new Legislature, but what has not changed is the importance of YOU being involved. In fact, that involvement is even more important now than before. Please become more involved in the Council. Give us your ideas, your time, and your support. Together YOU and US can do great things even in challenging times.

Updated: September 23, 2015 — 12:09 pm

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