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Newsletter article WVEC March 5, 2021
Legislative Update, Day 24
Thank you to everyone who has participated so far in our action alerts, public hearings and contacting legislators on their own. You are making an impact and we encourage you to keep it up! I'll start with HB 2598, the Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Act, passed after the 2014 Freedom Industries leak... More
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Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition March 5, 2021
Let WVDEP Know You Want Them to Hold the MVP Accountable for Water Pollution
The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), a 303-mile project cutting through Wetzel, Harrison, Doddridge, Lewis, Braxton, Webster, Nicholas, Greenbrier, Summers, and Monroe Counties, was recently fined approximately $303,000 by WVDEP. The proposed agreement for the fine is now open for public comment. Comments are due March 13. More
Issues: PipelinesPollutionWater
Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition March 2, 2021
Act Now: Let Legislators Know You Oppose More Toxins in WV’s Water
Legislators will soon be voting on a proposal submitted by WVDEP related to a critical portion of West Virginia’s water quality standards called human health criteria. Human health criteria determines how much of a toxin can be in our water before it harms our health. Watch a video explaining how the rule weakens our water quality standards. More
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Legislative Updates WVEC February 26, 2021
GREEN, Volume 31 Issue 4
If you have been keeping up with our social media, you are aware that we, along with other WV advocacy organizations, requested a public hearing for HB 2598 from both Delegate Anderson and Delegate Pack, which were denied. In response to these denials, we collaborated with WV Rivers Coalition, OVEC, WV CAG and WV Sierra Club to host our own People’s Public Hearing today to which all legislators and members of the public were invited. More
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Action Alerts WVEC February 26, 2021
Just Announced: Virtual Public Hearing on Water Quality Standards Rule/Must Call Between 3:00 and 4:00 PM Today to Register
Just Announced: Virtual Public Hearing on Water Quality Standards Rule/Must Call Between 3:00 and 4:00 PM Today to Register More
Issues: LegislationWater
Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition February 24, 2021
Urgent: Action Needed to Oppose Oil & Gas Storage Tank Deregulation Bill – Hearing on 2/26, 8AM
A dangerous bill that exempts oil and gas tanks from the Aboveground Storage Tank Act is making its way through the House of Delegates. A coalition of advocates, including WV Rivers, requested a public hearing to provide citizens the opportunity to make comments on the bill for the official record. House leadership has rejected our request. More
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Action Alerts WVEC February 20, 2021
Your Calls Needed by Monday! Zombie Aboveground Storage Tank Act on House Energy Agenda on Tuesday
Remember the Freedom Industries disaster? The bill to exempt oil and gas tanks is back (AKA The Aboveground Storage Tank Act) and is on the House Energy Committee's agenda for this Tuesday, February 23. This year's bill, HB 2598, is similar to last year's rollback attempt - which you defeated! It would exempt certain oil and gas tanks that are closest to our public drinking water intakes. If this bill passes, over 1,000 tanks in 27 counties would become unregulated. View fact sheets from West Virginia Rivers Coalition to learn more. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksWater
Newsletter article WVEC February 19, 2021
Important information on the water quality standards rule
Fill out the action alert here to tell your House Judiciary Committee members that you oppose the weakening of our water quality standards. More
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Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition February 19, 2021
The Aboveground Storage Tank Act Hits the Agenda
Make sure you fill out the action alert and let House Energy Committee members know you oppose this bill. Check out the whole packet here. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksWater
Newsletter article Hannah King February 19, 2021
Legislative Update 
Happy Friday! We are 9 days in and already have our hands full. Two bills we are taking swift action on: HB 2389, the water quality standards rule, and HB 2598, the above ground storage tank bill. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksPollutionWater
Newsletter article Karan Ireland February 19, 2021
A Zombie in the Zones of Critical Concern
On January 9, 2014, a chemical (crude-MCHM) leaked into the Elk River, the sole drinking water source for Charleston and the surrounding area. Approximately 300,000 people were ordered to stop bathing in, cleaning with, or drinking the water coming out of their taps. Many became ill and visited emergency rooms. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksHealthWater
Legislative Updates WVEC February 19, 2021
GREEN, Volume 31 Issue 3
Complete our action alert and call House Energy Committee members to let them know you oppose HB 2598, the Aboveground Storage Tank Act bill. This bill will be on the House Energy agenda on Tuesday, February 23. Read below to find more information on this legislation. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksPollutionRenewable energyWater
Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition February 17, 2021
House Judiciary to Consider Water Quality Standards
Legislators will soon be voting on a proposal submitted by WVDEP related to a critical portion of West Virginia’s water quality standards called human health criteria. Human health criteria determines how much of a toxin can be in our water before it harms our health. Let Legislators know that you oppose any weakening of water quality standards! More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 12, 2021
Member Spotlight: West Virginia Rivers Coalition
Each week during the Legislative Session, we will feature one of our member organizations. These groups from across the state support the WVEC by having a seat on our board and contributing financially so we can fund our lobby team each session. We could not do our important work without their support! More
Issues: Water
Newsletter article Hannah King February 12, 2021
Happy Session, Everyone!
The 1st session of the 85th Legislature began on Wednesday, February 10th. Since then, we have seen more than a dozen environmental bills introduced, some good, some not so good. Rob and I are keeping a close eye on everything, but we will need your help the next two months. More
Issues: HealthLegislationPollutionSolid wasteWater
Legislative Updates WVEC February 12, 2021
GREEN, Volume 31 Issue 2
Welcome to what will be a weekly newsletter for the next 8 weeks as we work to keep you informed on what is happening at the WV Capitol. The WVEC lobby team has hit the ground running. Since our last newsletter, Rob Casto joined Hannah King on the team - please read on for more about them both. Welcome, Rob! More
Issues: Climate changeLegislationPower purchase agreementsWater
Newsletter article OVEC January 22, 2021
OVEC ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)
OVEC and our coalitions have been busy the last month, and, rather than regale you with our stories, we wanted to give you a chance to see them yourselves. So pop some popcorn and put on your cozies, it’s time to binge watch some environmental justice work! More
Issues: Clean electionsClimate changeWater
Newsletter article West Virginia Highlands Conservancy January 21, 2021
A New Role for the New River
The New River Gorge will have a new designation and a slightly different role thanks to Congressional action on the bill that included the Covid19 relief. It will change from being a National River, as it has been since 1978, to being a National Park and Preserve. More
Issues: State parksWater
Newsletter article Friends of Blackwater January 21, 2021
Lawsuit Aimed at Protecting National Forest Announced
A lawsuit filed by the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) on January 8th seeks to reverse the Trump administration’s elimination of critical safeguards that have protected national forests from unneeded, ill-conceived and destructive logging, road building, and utility right-of-way projects. More
Issues: LoggingWater
Newsletters WVEC January 21, 2021
GREEN, Volume 31 Issue 1
With the start of a new year comes the legislative session. It's hard to believe we are less than a month away with the session starting February 10. We expect things to be much different this year. Access to the Capitol building will be limited and the process for posting agendas and confirming public hearings is unclear.  More
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