Urgent Action Needed: Comment on Chemours Consent Order by Feb 25!

From our partners at WV Rivers Coalition

We need your voice to oppose environmental injustice in Belle, WV.

The WVDEP is considering a consent order for Chemours Optima Belle which allows Chemours to discharge ethylbenzene into the Kanawha River at levels six times higher than the human health criteria set by the EPA. Ethylbenzene is a possible carcinogen and is known to cause tumors in animals.

Submit your comments to DEP by February 25, 2024:

  • Submit Your Comments: Tell WVDEP you object to Chemour’s free pass to discharge additional toxic pollutants into the Kanawha River. Urge them to protect public health and hold Chemours accountable to their permit requirements: https://wvrivers.salsalabs.org/chemoursconsentorderbell
  • Spread the Word: Share this urgent message with friends, family, and neighbors.

Let’s ensure a safer, healthier future for Belle and the Kanawha River.

More soon,

WV Rivers Coalition

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  1. The Kanawha Valley has paid the price for its allowed chemicals. Cancer levels not seen in other parts of the country and continuing for us not so lucky. Citizens not so lucky to have good medical care fall by the wayside. These chemicals attack us and there is no defense. We have a right to clean air and water. We have nowhere to run, we have nowhere to hide.

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