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Newsletter article  July 30, 2020
Pickin’ on Rockwool
Sunday, August 9, 2020, 4-8 PM More
Issues: HealthPollution
Newsletter article  July 30, 2020
Is the EPA turning a blind eye to WVDEP? 
Watershed protection organizations from three states plead with the EPA to make West Virginia follow the Clean Water Act. This article is a news release sent out on July 21, 2020, an effort led by the Jefferson County Foundation. It was picked up by Bloomberg News on July 22.  More
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Newsletter article  July 10, 2020
New Sierra Club Rep Works on  Energy & Environmental Justice
Karan Ireland is the new Sierra Club Senior Campaign Representative for Central Appalachia. In this capacity, she will be working on the Beyond Coal and Beyond Dirty Fuels campaigns, as well as working to further a plan for economic diversification and a just transition to a sustainable future.  More
Issues: EnergySocial justice
Newsletter article  July 10, 2020
Webinar Announcement – “Who Speaks for the Trees?”
The world's oldest and most diverse forests -- in the USA, and around the world -- are being cut down faster every year. We are losing our planet's most valuable natural protection against runaway global warming -- and at an alarming rate! We must protect and preserve the forest ecosystems that keep our planet and atmosphere in balance. More
Issues: Climate change
Newsletter article  July 10, 2020
Thinking about the Economics of Petrochemicals
One of the clichés of our public policy has long been that we have to “balance” the environmental and social costs of coal, oil, and gas extraction with the benefits to our economy.  For pretty much forever, our public policy has assumed that coal is so important to our economy that we should put up with a great deal of environmental and social cost in order to assure that the industry prospers. More
Issues: Oil and gasRenewable energy