Two Bills to Support This Week

By: Rob Casto, WVEC lobbyist

HB2667, introduced by Delegate Clay Riley, is intended to promote cost savings for state taxpayers by implementing: an energy savings program for assessment and implementation of energy savings goals for state buildings and provide for prequalification of energy savings performance contractors; auditing energy metering devices installed at state buildings; and establishing benchmarking and energy efficiency goals for state buildings. “Part of good governance is reducing waste.This bill allows us to reduce waste and looks forward to improved energy efficiency within state government buildings. I am happy to be lead sponsor on this bill working across the aisle with Delegate Evan Hansen to move West Virginia forward,” said Delegate Riley today.

The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Manufacturing. Additional sponsors include: Delegates Hansen, Queen, Hanna, Skaff, Steele, Hardy and Clark. . Please contact Chairman Anderson at 304-340-3186 and ask that he put HB 2667 on his agenda.

SB30 has been introduced by the Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Trump and would permit third-party ownership of all renewable and alternative generating facilities. This bill would establish Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in West Virginia. Legislative findings outlined in the bill state: 

(1) It is in the public interest to facilitate retail electric customers to invest in and install on their properties, renewable, and alternative energy resource facilities of their choice; 

(2) Existing statutes and regulations with respect to net metering and interconnection requirements provide a satisfactory regulatory framework to govern the sale of energy from on-site renewable and alternative energy resource facilities; 

(3) Free-market financing may provide more customers with opportunities to install renewable or alternative energy resource facilities; 

(4) Installation of such resource facilities will stabilize long term energy costs to make the state more attractive for industry and commercial investment; 

(5) Financing arrangements, including those in which payments are based on the performance and output of the energy resource facility

installed on the property of a retail electric customer, will help reduce or eliminate upfront costs involved in the investments and installation by such customers; and 

(6) Individuals and entities which offer or receive these types of financing arrangements should not be considered or treated as public utilities. 

Additional sponsors are Senators Baldwin, Lindsey, Romano, Nelson, Woodrum, Swope and Hamilton. SB30 is single referenced to the Senate Committee on Economic Development. WVEC has offered support and assistance for this bill to Committee Chairman Swope. Please contact him and ask that SB30 be placed on the committee’s agenda. His office number is (304) 357-7843.

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