Pick Up the Phone for PPAs

As I previously wrote to you last week, Senate Bill 409, which legalizes Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for on-site renewable and alternative energy generation will hopefully be on the Senate EIM agenda this upcoming week.

We have a simple ask of you: call or email the committee members of Senate Industry and Mining and ask them to vote YES.

Four of SB409’s co-sponsors are on this committee: Sens. Bill Hamilton, R-Upshur; Richard Lindsay, D-Kanawha; Chairman Randy Smith, R-Tucker; and Vice-Chair Dave Sypolt, R-Preston.

You can either click here to send an automated message to your representatives; OR you can call or email your own words. Good points to highlight: 

  1. Creates good-paying JOBS!
  2. Access to low cost energy
  3. Schools, nonprofits, municipalities, churches, hospitals, business owners and more can benefit
  4. Expands economic development
  5. Prevents ratepayers against utility hikes,
  6. Federal tax credit is sunsetting– there is no better time to go solar!

You can find the contact information for committee members here, just click on the names!

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