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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe January 15, 2016
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We do our best to keep you apprised of Capitol shenanigans via action alerts and our weekly Legislative Update. Often, however, time is of the essence, say when an important bill unexpectedly appears on a committee's agenda just hours before the committee is to meet. More
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 18, 2015
ASTA Rollback: The Final Chapter
S.B. 423, "Amending the Aboveground Storage Tank Act," was taken up by the House Judiciary Committee on Monday evening, March 9. The Committee questioned several witnesses, including DEP Secretary Randy Huffman and Evan Hansen of Downstream Strategies. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksWater
Kanawha River and WV Coal Legislature
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 18, 2015
For the Environment: What was gained, what was lost this session
Yes, believe it or not, there were a couple of "gains." One of those was the restoration of "Category A" status to the lower 72-mile stretch of the Kanawha River, which means that that section of the Kanawha may be used as source water for drinking water facilities. The WVEC and our allies worked hard to shepherd this rule through the process. More
Issues: AluminumCategory ALegislationNet meteringRecyclingWater
Additional reading
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 18, 2015
More to read
From Climate Progress:  West Virginia Passes Bill Rolling Back Regulations On Chemical Storage Tanks Statehouse Beat: the many low points of 2015 session And in case you missed it, the Tomblin administration appears to have had a change in attitude toward those MTR health studies: W.Va. DEP’s Huffman: Strip-mine health studies deserve ‘closer look’ ‘A […] More
Issues: Aboveground tanksLegislationMountaintop removal
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe March 10, 2015
URGENT: Last Chance to Improve Tank Bill!
Once again, we really need your help! By a vote of 13-12 late last night, the House Judiciary Committee narrowly rejected amendments that would have improved water protections in S.B. 423, "Amending the Aboveground Storage Tank Act." A last push for amendments on the House floor could make the difference! Please act now! More
Issues: Aboveground tanksMCHMPollutionRegulationWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 7, 2015
Update on S.B. 423, “Amending the Aboveground Storage Tank Act”
As we told you last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee's committee substitute for S.B. 423, "Amending the Aboveground Storage Tank Act" passed the Senate on Sunday with only one dissenting vote. Shortly thereafter, we began to hear that some senators were under the impression that all parties to the "stakeholder" negotiations, including our contingent, had agreed to the committee substitute. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksWater
Additional reading
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 7, 2015
In the media this week
Charleston Gazette, Monday: Bill would roll back chemical tank oversight, WV Public Broadcasting, Tuesday: Company Proposes Building Two Gas-Fired Power Plants in W.Va., Duke University, Wednesday: New Models Yield Clearer Picture of Emissions' True Costs, Charleston Gazette, Wednesday: ‘Cookie Lobbyist’ tries sweet-tooth approach to sway W.Va. legislators More
Issues: Aboveground tanksNatural gasPollutionWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 7, 2015
Roundup: The Week Just Passed, The Week Ahead
On Monday the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to take up H.B. 2283. This is the DEP rules bundle that contains the rule that proposes to restore “Category A” (drinking water) status to the section of the Kanawha River that flows through Charleston. This designation is necessary before a drinking water intake could be placed on that section of the Kanawha. More
Issues: AluminumCategory AClean electionsEnergy efficiencyRecyclingWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe March 7, 2015
The “action alert” we sent you on Friday erroneously identified the “Category A” bill being taken up by Senate Judiciary on Monday as H.B. 2289.  2289 was “bundled” into H.B. 2283.  Please use H.B. 2283 in your communications with Senate Judiciary members. More
Issues: Category AWater
WVEC Awards Dinner, 2015
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe March 6, 2015
Please come to our annual dinner! & please contact legislators!
The House Judiciary Committee is expected to take up S.B. 423, which substantially rolls back last year's Aboveground Storage Tank Act, on either Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Please contact members and tell them to please vote against the bill, or if not, to amend it so that water is adequately protected. Talking points for the latter are in our last action alert here. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksWater
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe March 4, 2015
Friday, 8:30 a.m.: Public hearing on ASTA rollback bill! Please come!
Tell the West Virginia House of Delegates we won’t accept legislation that leaves our water systems, families, and communities at risk! The House is having a public hearing on S.B. 423 Friday, March 6 at 8:30 a.m. in the House Chamber More
Issues: Aboveground tanksLegislationWater
Blog Vickie Wolfe March 2, 2015
Dirty Money, Clean Elections, and Rabbit Holes
This is my third stint lobbying for the WVEC, and I’ve seen some pretty amazing things.  Some of them have happened this session, like the introduction of a bill that would’ve rescinded non-discrimination ordinances passed by several local governments in the state. However, what I saw today takes the cake. But before I tell the […] More
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 28, 2015
Roundup of the Week’s Activities
On Wednesday, "Category A" protection for the portion of the Kanawha River that flows through Charleston passed the House 85-13 and is headed to the Senate. Previously, this was S.B. 167, but it's now been bundled with other DEP rules in H.B. 2283. More... More
Issues: AluminumCategory AEnergy efficiencyPollutionRecyclingWater
WV Coal Dome
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 28, 2015
Update on S.B. 423, “Gutting the Aboveground Storage Tank Act”
The committee substitute for S.B. 423, “Amending the Aboveground Storage Tank Act,” passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday evening. On Saturday afternoon it passed the full Senate with only one "no" vote, and it's now headed to the House. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksWater
Net metering
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 21, 2015
Hoping for a Flying LEEP!
Energy Efficient West Virginia, the WVEC and others have been working on a bill that would authorize local governments to adopt local energy effiency partnership (LEEP) programs, which are funding mechanisms to improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings. Bonds backed by savings on energy costs would pay for the efficiency upgrades, and the bonds would be repaid by commercial building owners on their tax assessments. Currently thirty states have similar programs in place, and Kentucky's House of Representatives approved a bill to authorize such a program. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyLegislation
WV Coal Dome
Action Alerts Vickie Wolfe February 21, 2015
Action Alert: Threats to both air AND water!
The "Coal Jobs and Safety Act" (H.B. 2566/S.B. 357) is the first item on the agenda of the House Judiciary Committee when they meet at 9:00 a.m. on Monday. This bill would relieve coal companies from meeting water quality standards in their pollution permits and also weaken aluminum criteria for streams. Mine workers oppose it too, because it weakens mine safety. Please contact committee members and tell them to reject this bill! Go ahead and call this weekend, leave a message. More
Issues: PollutionWater
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 20, 2015
“Accidental Activists”
There are plenty of stories of people who became “activists” after last year’s water crisis. One of those is Jeni Burns, whose Charleston catering business, Ms. Groovy’s Kitchen, was forced to shut down for several days because of the chemical spill. During the 2014 session, Jeni spent many hours pounding the marble halls advocating for S.B. 373, the landmark water protection bill that was passed unanimously last year in response to the spill. More
Issues: RecyclingWater
Additional reading
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 20, 2015
In the press recently:
Pertaining to the "Coal Jobs and Safety Act:" W.Va. lawmakers tweaking environmental, safety regs to aid flailing coal sector (SNL Financial). Pertaining to the Fayette County train derailment: Derailment highlights crude oil train, water safety issues (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette). Pertaining to "Category A" status for the Kanawha River: Lawmakers consider change for the mighty Kanawha (MetroNews), Lawmakers urged to keep drinking water protections (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette), Kanawha drinking water rule advances (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette) More
Issues: Category ACoalWater
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