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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 20, 2015
In the press recently:
Pertaining to the "Coal Jobs and Safety Act:" W.Va. lawmakers tweaking environmental, safety regs to aid flailing coal sector (SNL Financial). Pertaining to the Fayette County train derailment: Derailment highlights crude oil train, water safety issues (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette). Pertaining to "Category A" status for the Kanawha River: Lawmakers consider change for the mighty Kanawha (MetroNews), Lawmakers urged to keep drinking water protections (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette), Kanawha drinking water rule advances (by Ken Ward, Jr. in the Gazette)More
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WV Coal Dome
Newsletter article Bill Price February 14, 2015
Crunch Time
If you’ve been reading these messages the past few weeks, you’ve seen me write about getting out of our silos and getting involved in all of the anti-water legislation that is moving through the WV Legislature this year. Over the next several days, we are in what I can only describe as “crunch time” and we need YOU.More
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Power plant
Newsletter article Rob Goodwin February 14, 2015
HB2004 Anti-Clean Power Plan Bill heads to Senate Floor with $500,000 Fiscal Note
On Thursday, February, 12th the Senate Judiciary committee sent HB2004 to the Senate floor with an expected vote this week. HB2004 will require legislative approval before any state plan is submitted to EPA under the proposed Clean Power Plan rules to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives of the WVDEP, Alpha Natural Resources, and the Attorney General’s office spoke before the committee and answered questions on the proposed measure.More
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Mountaintop removal mining
Newsletter article Rob Goodwin February 7, 2015
Coal Industry Took a Risk with Mountaintop Removal and Are Asking Legislature for a Bail Out
House Bill 2566, the Coal Jobs and Safety Act of 2015, should be called the Coal Industry Bail Out Act of 2015.Testimony from Alpha Natural Resources and the WV Coal Association this week before committees in the House and Senate could not have made the intent of this act clearer. The proposal is an effort through deregulation to cut costs in a struggling industry. A major component of the bill is to create a permit shield that will attempt to enable the coal industry to escape the liability in clean-up costs of hundreds of miles of streams it has polluted through the misguided risky practice of Mountaintop Removal.More
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Water pollution from coal
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 7, 2015
The Aluminum Rule Change is Baa-ack…
You may recall that a couple of years ago, the DEP proposed a rule change that would calculate allowable levels of aluminum in streams based on the water's hardness. During the 2014 legislative session, the Senate asked the DEP to pull the rule change, because legislators didn't think it would be a good idea to vote for dirtier water so soon after the Freedom Industries spill.More
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Coal sunset
Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 7, 2015
What I know about coal and the industry
At Thursday's public hearing on the "Coal Jobs and Safety Act of 2015", I was proud to see environmentalists and the UMWA stand together in opposition to an assault on safety, our shared environment and, in fact, hope for the future. It's a shame that it's necessary to even have such a hearing, a shame that the coal industry even wants these changes and a shame that the industry wants people and our waters to pay the price for their actions. Environmentalists and coal miners shouldn't be adversaries, but it is in other people's interests to make it seem that way.More
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Kanawha River and WV Coal Legislature
Legislative Updates WVEC February 7, 2015
GREEN Vol. 25 Issue 4
How Does the WV Legislature ♥ Dirtier Water? Let Us Count the Ways, “Gutting the Aboveground Storage Tank Act”, Update on Category A, Coal Industry Took a Risk with Mountaintop Removal and Are Asking Legislature for a Bail Out, The Aluminum Rule Change is Baa-ack , What I know about coal and the industry , Net Metering Bills take on new meaning this week, Come to our press conference on Monday! & other important calendar items, Additional Reading, Bills We Are TrackingMore
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Additional reading
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 7, 2015
Additional Reading
Last month the EPA released a scientific report called "Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters" that demonstrates the importance of small streams and wetlands to downstream water quality. The report is based on current scientific research, specifically 1,200 publications from peer-reviewed scientific literature.More
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King Coal
Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 1, 2015
A Little More about Coal’s Wish List
Elsewhere in this issue of Green, we’ve mentioned the Coal Association’s Legislative Program 2015. Another item we'd like you to note is the Association's "request" regarding Aboveground Storage Tanks (p. 8), which reads, in part: ". . . it is clear the Association should work to amend the statute to exempt as many tanks at coal mining operations from most of the provisions of the statute as possible."More
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Power plant
Newsletter article Jim Kotcon February 1, 2015
Energy Efficiency is Good for West Virginians. Amend Com Sub HB 2004.
HB 2004 amends the WV Air Pollution Control Act (22-5-20) to require legislative approval for any state plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from electric power plants. The Committee Substitute also eliminates the language, 22-5-20-(c) (4), that directs a state plan include counting emissions from power plants that closed recently, as well as reductions in emissions from energy efficiency programs.More
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Fracking and water contamination
Newsletter article Bill Price January 25, 2015
Dismantling Silos
This past Friday and Saturday, I went to the Peoples’ Concerned about Chemical Safety’s conference entitled “Looking Forward”. The goals of the conference were to have residents have conversations about local chemical safety, look at how solutions that have worked elsewhere, and to be a part of local solutions to prevent water contamination. And there’s that common thread again….water contamination.More
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Newsletter article Ken Ward January 25, 2015
Debate highlights W.Va.’s inaction on energy diversity, efficiency
As lawmakers move to dismantle West Virginia’s six-year-old alternative-energy law, they tout their action as another effort to help the state’s declining coal industry. However, state records show that the 2009 law actually does little to hurt the coal industry and maybe even less to really promote alternatives like wind energy or solar power. West Virginia’s coal-heavy utilities say they have been — and will continue to be — able to meet the law without adding new renewable generation.More
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Blog WVEC October 18, 2007
America’s Greenest States – WV Ranks Dead Last!
By Don Garvin If you ever wondered why we need a West Virginia Environmental Council, just consider the following: An October 17, 2007 Forbes magazine article ranks West Virginia as No. 50 – dead last – in the magazine’s first-ever list of America’s “Greenest” States. “So who’s at the bottom?” the magazine asks.  According to […]More
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