A WV Climate Time Capsule 

By Nyoka Baker Chapman, League of Women Voters of West Virginia 

The WV Climate Time Capsule began as a contributing activity by the League of Women Voters of West Virginia (LWVWV) to a climate rally sponsored by the WV Climate Alliance in October of 2021.  The contents contain contributions from multiple organizations, research on alternative energy technologies, articles that document current events that are shaping our climate future, correspondence and more.  The WV Climate Time Capsule also carries prayers, hopes and wishes to our neighbors in time, that we are working now on all levels to ensure that they will inherit a sustainable future.   

Curbing Climate Change is arguably the greatest challenge we face in the coming decades.  We are facing empirical scientific and ethical problems that must be solved, against all odds, during the first half of this century.   As WV is one of the top emitters of greenhouse gasses in the nation, we find ourselves in a unique position to lead on a global scale to show the world how it is done.  This is the responsibility of our current generations and we must pledge to invest our energies to secure this great task. 

Cultivating change to create a positive climate future is and will be a multilevel effort that will involve the practical, the political and yes, the spiritual nature of humanity itself that we will be able to work together to preserve the collective right to call this beautiful Planet our home.   

The transfer of our WV Climate Time Capsule to the Marshall University James E.   Morrow Library took place in a simple ceremony on April 20  during the Marshall University Earth Week.  

The LWVWV would like to extend our gratitude to the WV Climate Alliance, the Marshall University James E. Morrow Library, the Marshall University Department of Sustainability, and the Marshall University Drinko Academy for their support of this effort.  As well, to all others who have contributed to carry our WV climate history and messages of good will toward a beautiful Earth Day in 2050.

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