Member Spotlight: West Virginia Citizen Action Group

One of the founding members of the WVEC, West Virginia Citizen Action Group (CAG) has been in the trenches fighting for social and environmental justice since 1974. 

The CAG team believes that full-time citizen participation in the decision-making processes of our state is absolutely essential. CAG is as strong as ever in its work to speak out on behalf of the consumer, a clean environment, and a government that is honest, open, and accountable to the needs of all its citizens.

If there is a public demonstration, protest, letter-writing campaign, or Get Out the Vote effort, you can be sure that CAG is one of the engines powering it.

Learn much more about CAG here. Follow on Twitter and Facebook. And sign up for CAG’s weekly Capital Eye newsletter published during the session. Become a member or renew your membership here! You can also support CAG by becoming a member or signing up to volunteer here

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