WV House Energy Committee

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If the above link does not work with your email software, the list of email addresses below can be copied and pasted into an email address field:

bill.anderson@wvhouse.gov, brent.boggs@wvhouse.gov, mike.caputo@wvhouse.gov, jeff.eldridge@wvhouse.gov, bill.hamilton@wvhouse.gov, jason.harshbarger@wvhouse.gov, ken.hicks@wvhouse.gov, joshua.higginbotham@wvhouse.gov, john.kelly@wvhouse.gov, kayla.kessinger@wvhouse.gov, dana.lynch@wvhouse.gov, justin.marcum@wvhouse.gov, patrick.martin@wvhouse.gov, zack.maynard@wvhouse.gov, tim.miley@wvhouse.gov, tony.paynter@wvhouse.gov, dave.pethtel@wvhouse.gov, rupert.phillips@wvhouse.gov, roger.romine@wvhouse.gov, joe.statler@wvhouse.gov, erikka.storch@wvhouse.gov, terri.sypolt@wvhouse.gov, jill.upson@wvhouse.gov, guy.ward@wvhouse.gov, mark.zatezalo@wvhouse.gov

Name, party, district, capital address, phone, and email. The phone area code is always 304. The complete mailing address for any committee member is:

Room #, Bldg. 1
1900 Kanawha Blvd. E.
Charleston, WV 25305

William Anderson
R 8 Room 200E-C 340-3168 bill.anderson@wvhouse.gov
Brent Boggs D 34 Room 258M 340-3142 brent.boggs@wvhouse.gov
Mike Caputo D 50 Room 258M 340-3249 mike.caputo@wvhouse.gov
Jeff Eldridge
Minority Vice-Chair
D 22 Room 230E 340-3113 jeff.eldridge@wvhouse.gov
Bill Hamilton R 45 Room 216E 340-3167 bill.hamilton@wvhouse.gov
Jason Harshbarger R 7 Room 225E 340-3195 jason.harshbarger@wvhouse.gov
Kenneth Hicks D 19 Room 150R 340-3155 ken.hicks@wvhouse.gov
Joshua Higginbotham R 13 Room 223E 340-3118 joshua.higginbotham@wvhouse.gov
John R. Kelly
Vice-Chair Oil and Gas
R 10 Room 201E 340-3394 john.kelly@wvhouse.gov
Kayla Kessinger R 32 Room 227E 340-3197 kayla.kessinger@wvhouse.gov
Dana Lynch D 44 Room 6R 340-3916 dana.lynch@wvhouse.gov
Justin Marcum D 20 Room 150R 340-3126 justin.marcum@wvhouse.gov
Patrick Martin R 46 Room 228E 340-3123 patrick.martin@wvhouse.gov
Zack Maynard R 22 Room 218E 340-3152 zack.maynard@wvhouse.gov
Tim Miley D 48 Room 264M 340-3240 tim.miley@wvhouse.gov
Tony Paynter R 25 Room 222E 340-3163 tony.paynter@wvhouse.gov
David Pethtel
Minority Chair
D 5 Room 230E 340-3158 dave.pethtel@wvhouse.gov
Rupert Phillips Jr. R 24 Room 476M 340-3174 rupert.phillips@wvhouse.gov
William R. Romine R 6 Room 210E 340-3226 roger.romine@wvhouse.gov
Joe Statler R 51 Room 442M 340-3900 joe.statler@wvhouse.gov
Erikka Storch R 3 Room 202E 340-3378 erikka.storch@wvhouse.gov
Terri Sypolt R 52 Room 221E 340-3160 terri.sypolt@wvhouse.gov
Jill Upson R 65 Room 219E 340-3366 jill.upson@wvhouse.gov
Guy Ward R 50 Room 208E 340-3331 guy.ward@wvhouse.gov
Mark Zatezalo
Vice-Chair Coal
R 1 Room 201E 340-3120 mark.zatezalo@wvhouse.gov