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Newsletter article WV Rivers Coalition February 4, 2022
Tell Legislators to OPPOSE Exempting Oil & Gas Tanks Within ZCCs! 
Industry lobbyists are at it again trying to exempt oil and gas tanks from the Aboveground Storage Tank Act. This year, a few bills have been proposed that are similar to last year's rollback attempt - which you defeated!  More
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Newsletter article WVEC February 4, 2022
Join Us Virtually for E-Day on February 16 at 6pm! 
This year's E-Day has been rescheduled to a Zoom event on February 16 from 6:00 - 7:30PM. Registration now open! E-Day will include a legislative update from a couple of our member groups, WV legislators and our lobby team on bills we are following and other things happening at the Capitol. We will have some music and an opportunity to reach out to your legislators. More
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Legislative Updates WVEC February 4, 2022
GREEN, Volume 32 Issue 4
It's the fourth week of the Legislature! Several bills we are following hit committee agendas and were voted on in both chambers. We have compiled a list of bills we are watching, both good and bad, and will continue to update this list as we go. Take a look at the Legislative Update article below to see what's happening! More
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Newsletter article Hannah King January 28, 2022
Legislative Update – Week #3
It's the third week of the Legislature and quite a few bills we are following hit committee agendas and were voted on in both chambers. We have compiled a list of bills we’re following, both good and bad, and we will continue to update this list as we go. Read more below to see what's happening! More
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Newsletter article Lucia Valentine January 28, 2022
Public Hearing on HB 2882, Repealing the Nuclear Ban
The House Committee on Government Organization held a public hearing on Friday, January 28th on House Bill 2882, repealing the ban on nuclear power. This hearing allowed the public to weigh in on this important issue and discuss what it would mean for our state. We had several of our member groups testify; Conservation West Virginia, WV Citizen Action, WV Climate Alliance, and NAACP Charleston.  More
Issues: LegislationNuclear energy
Legislative Updates WVEC January 28, 2022
GREEN, Volume 32 Issue 3
It was a wild week at the West Virginia Legislature! Several of the bills we’re following hit Committee agendas and were voted on this week. We have compiled a list of bills along with short summaries for each one and you can check out our report under the Legislative Update article.  More
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Action Alerts WVEC January 26, 2022
Public Hearing This Friday on Lifting WV Nuclear Ban: 10AM in the House Chamber
There will be a public hearing on Friday, January 28 at 10:00AM in the House Chamber on HB 2882, a bill that would lift West Virginia's long-term ban on nuclear facilities in the state. Please come speak out on whether or not you think this is a good idea for West Virginia legislators to pursue. More
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Newsletter article Hannah King January 21, 2022
How to Stay Involved!
As we head into week 3 of the Legislative session, we encourage you to continue to reach out to your legislators and voice your opinion on bills. If you don't know who your legislators are, click this link to find your state representatives, as well as your representatives in Congress. While in-person meetings can be a very effective way to reach lawmakers, phone calls and emails also are essential, and a COVID-safe option. All legislator’s office numbers, phone numbers and emails are on the WV Legislature’s website. You can also listen and watch (most) committee meetings and House and Senate Floor sessions here. More
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Newsletter article Hannah King January 21, 2022
Legislative Update – Week #2:
As new bills are introduced, we will be adding them to this list, along with any updates or changes on current bills. If you have any questions or concerns about any legislation, please reach out to Hannah King (hking1275@gmail.com) or Lucia Valentine (luciavalentine10@gmail.com). More
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Newsletters WVEC January 21, 2022
GREEN, Volume 32 Issue 2
It's the second week of the Legislature and bills are rolling out fast. We have compiled a list of bills we’re following, both good and bad, and we will continue to update this list as we go. Read more below to see what we’re following!  More
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Newsletter article Hannah King January 14, 2022
Welcome Back, Hannah!
Hi everyone! I am back and very excited for my second year of lobbying for the West Virginia Environmental Council. I’ve been working for E-Council over the last year as their Outreach Coordinator, so I’ve been building relationships and helping promote events with environmental groups and advocates across the state.  More
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Newsletter article WVEC January 14, 2022
Legislative Agenda for 2022 Session
The West Virginia Environmental Council works closely with our member groups to ensure environmental protections throughout West Virginia. We have been an active voice at the Capitol for over 30 years and have focused heavily on clean water, clean air and protecting our public lands. Here’s a look at our legislative agenda for the 2022 Legislative Session. More
Issues: Legislation
Newsletter article WVEC January 14, 2022
Welcome, Lucia!
Hello! My name is Lucia Valentine and I am going to be lobbying with the West Virginia Environmental Council during the 2022 legislative session. My passion and work are dedicated to the intersection of climate justice and advocacy. Growing up in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, I am proud to be from the Mountain State and have been no stranger to the negative environmental impacts of heavy industry on my state.  More
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Legislative Updates WVEC January 14, 2022
GREEN, Volume 32 Issue 1
Happy New Year!  The 2022 legislative session kicked off Wednesday and is off to a dizzying start! This year the WVEC will be represented by Hannah King and Lucia Valentine. We are so excited to have them work on our legislative priorities and speak out for our members like you. Please read on for more about what we will be watching for this year. More
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Action Alerts WVEC December 21, 2021
Rally with us: Let Manchin know West Virginia is paying attention!
In case you missed it, Senator Manchin revealed over the weekend that he is currently a NO on the Build Back Better Act. This is devastating news for West Virginians - this bill is a tremendous opportunity for the Mountain State. The sweeping legislation will provide tax credits to address the climate crisis; extend child tax credits; provide for reductions in health care costs for seniors; provide assistance for child care; and many other provisions to help West Virginians throughout the state. More
Issues: Climate changeHealthLegislation
Newsletter article Hannah King December 17, 2021
Recap of Interims & Expectations for the Legislative Session
After following interim sessions throughout the year, we got a preview of the environmental bills we are likely to see during the legislative session. We will be closely watching the idea of extracting rare earth minerals/elements from treating acid mine drainage, which is beneficial for our rivers and streams and will be profitable for those who take on the task of cleaning up the AMD. While there are many things that we will potentially support, we are gearing up for harmful bills that may threaten the safety of our water, air, public lands and more.  More
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Newsletter article Jim Kotcon December 17, 2021
Gearing Up for the WV 2022 Legislative Session
Legislative issues will soon be dominating headlines. Some key issues will carry over from previous years, including efforts to help transition coal communities affected by the decline in the coal industry. The WV Legislature has been conducting listening sessions in coal communities to seek suggestions on how to help those communities thrive as they transition to a new economy. More
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Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition December 14, 2021
Call Senator Manchin TODAY & Tell Him to Keep Climate Action in BBB!
Join the West Virginia Climate Alliance TODAY for a statewide day of action on meaningful climate policy in the Build Back Better Act. More
Issues: Climate changeLegislation
Action Alerts WV Rivers Coalition December 3, 2021
Legislative Committee to Consider Water Quality Standards on Wednesday, Dec. 8
In our October e-newsletter, we shared information on the upcoming legislative session and highlighted one of our top legislative priorities – revisions to water quality standards. Now, we have our first call to action related to the revisions! More
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