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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 24, 2016
Now the bits of not-so-good news
Last week we told you about S.B. 508, which takes away Mountaineers' freedom to file nuisance lawsuits against those who might make their lives miserable via noise, dust, etc., as long as the perpetrator has not broken a law, violated a permit, etc. And drillers' permits have no provisions related to noise, etc.More
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Legislative Updates WVEC February 19, 2016
GREEN Vol. 26 Issue 6
Vote….and what else, Coal Association uses flawed study to justify tax cut, Roundup of the week’s activities, Power to the Suit, Land Conservation Tax Credit Act introduced, Bills We Are Tracking, WV Environmental Council Annual Awards DinnerMore
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Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 19, 2016
Power to the Suit
This week was about the power of the suit. Not the white coats of nurses and other health professionals, not the tee shirts that read “parents as teachers”, not even AARP, but the suit accessorized by wing tips or high heels.More
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Newsletter article Bill Price February 19, 2016
Vote….and what else
If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know that I often talk about getting more involved. The reason that I keep pounding on this is that I don’t think we can win victories that change the power in WV, win real improvements in the lives of people, and support the empowerment of individuals without grassroots power being exercised. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 17, 2016
Roundup of the week’s activities
On Thursday we sent an action alert about S.B. 565, which allows gas well drillers to enter private property, bulldoze roads, clear timber, and construct a well pad without obtaining a well permit. And more!More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 17, 2016
Land Conservation Tax Credit Act introduced
The West Virginia Land Trust is advocating for S.B. 554, the Land Conservation Tax Credit Act of 2016. This bill provides for a state tax credit equal to 50 percent of the fair market value of donated conservation easements up to $1 million per year. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 9, 2016
Paying for water used for fracking
Given the state's revenue crisis, doesn't it make sense that, if someone uses water in such a way that it isn't recyclable--i.e., it can't go back into the hydrologic cycle--they should be required to pay for "using up" that water?More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 8, 2016
MORE regulatory reform!
Since our last newsletter, the Senate has introduced several bills intended to advance their "regulatory reform" agenda. S.B. 535 is another of those "no more stringent than Federal requirements" bills; this one pertains specifically to water. More
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Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 5, 2016
Today I am feeling pensive
This week, I am asking all my readers to talk with someone you don’t agree with about an environmental issue dear to your heart. Listen, in turn, to them. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 5, 2016
Health Impact Assessment Bill Introduced
One of the bills for which we've been eagerly waiting was introduced today (Friday). H.B. 4412 requires the Commissioner of the Bureau of Public Health to conduct a study assessing the health impact of any new or modified DEP air or water rule. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe February 2, 2016
BEWARE of Regulatory Reform!
On Tuesday I didn't notice any environmentally relevant bills on the agenda of the Senate Government Organization committee. But then someone pointed out something I'd missed because it wasn't a bill: they were hearing presentations on "regulatory reform."More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe January 30, 2016
More evidence!
Since our last newsletter, even more evidence has come in that your calls and e-mails affect legislators' votes.More
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Blog Vickie Wolfe January 29, 2016
How to be an Armchair Lobbyist
So much information can be obtained via the legislature’s website that it’s possible to do a great deal of lobbying from home. My goal here is to provide a set of instructions for doing that. More
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Newsletter article Vickie Wolfe January 29, 2016
Roundup of the Week’s Activities
So far, the House Judiciary Committee has not yet taken up the DEP rules, which were passed by the House Energy Committee last week. In particular, we are hoping to get some improvements to H.B. 4104, which is the vehicle for aboveground storage tank rules. More
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