Act Now: Tell your Delegate to Protect Landowners’ Rights! 

Some West Virginia lawmakers are trying to pass legislation severely restricting West Virginians’ ability to manage their timber through forest carbon offsets. Senate Bill 618 would introduce restrictive measures that could discourage private investments in our state and undermine the rights of landowners. 

SB 618 would regulate terms, require new bureaucratic filings, and ultimately discourage participation in carbon offset agreements in West Virginia.

SB 618 creates a Carbon Exchange Program to be administered by the Division of Forestry. Key concerns surrounding SB 618 include imposing price ceilings and floors for carbon agreements and limiting the duration of agreements. Furthermore, the legislation seeks to eliminate private agreements, mandating that all carbon agreements go through the government. Overall, the bill establishes several unnecessary hurdles that will ultimately discourage companies from investing in carbon exchange programs in West Virginia. 

Contact your House member and urge them to stop this bill by voting “NO” on SB 618. West Virginians want bills encouraging investments in our state and upholding landowners’ rights!

Click here to find your individual state legislators from your address or location, then click on your Lower Chamber member. If you know your Delegate, you can see a list here.

Call/Voicemail Script:

Hello, this is your constituent (your name). I urge you to vote “NO” on Senate Bill 618. This bill would limit West Virginians’ ability to manage timber through forest carbon offsets, discourage private investments in our state and undermine the rights of landowners.

The Carbon Exchange Program proposed by SB 618 sets problematic terms, including price restrictions and limiting agreement durations. It eliminates private agreements, adding unnecessary hurdles for businesses interested in carbon exchange programs.

I urge you to stand for our state’s prosperity and the rights of landowners by voting “NO” on SB 618.

Thank you for your time. 

(Your name and call back number)

Still need inspiration? Listen to WVSORO’s recording of The West Virginia Land Reunion Song.  

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