Save our State Parks – Ask the House Committee on Government Organization to Reject SB 688

From our partners at the WV Rivers Coalition 

Unfortunately, the Senate passed SB 688, but the House of Delegates can still preserve our WV public lands, provide transparency, and prevent no-bid contracts. 

We need you to take action to protect our State Parks and Rail Trails. Contact the House Committee on Government Organization and ask them to reject SB 688.

SB 688, as written, references the purpose as wildfire management. However, the Division of Forestry already has the tools to manage wildfires. The Division’s website even says that most fires are caused by careless burning — not natural causes. 

SB 688 potentially opens all WV public lands to widespread timbering and economic development for special interest projects. Our state parks, Kanawha State Forest, and rail trails could lose protection against timbering. The purpose of Wildlife Management Areas could change from wildlife habitat and hunting to timbering.

SB 688 could also permit secret, noncompetitive bid contracts from out-of-state interests that threaten the beauty and value of our public lands. West Virginians know best how to protect our public lands’ not out-of-state companies seeking a profit.

Time is running out. Contact the House Committee on Government Organization and ask them to please reject SB 688.

Let them know you love our WV State Parks and all of our Wild and Wonderful public lands – the way they are.

More soon,

WV Rivers Coalition

Take Action! 

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