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West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Legislative Update
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Thank you for being a GREEN reader and for joining us on this wild journey that was 2020.

As we gear up for 2021, and the legislative session that is right around the corner, we hope that you will consider a year-end gift to help fund our lobbying efforts next year. Please go here to donate safely and securely online. Or please mail your contribution to: WVEC, PO Box 1007, Charleston, WV 25324.

We just received word that E-Day, along with similar events at the Capitol, has been cancelled  for 2021. While this is disappointing news, we will find a virtual alternative so we can make our voices heard and hopefully have some fun. Stay tuned! 

On behalf of the WVEC board of directors, I want to express our gratitude for your support over the past year. While it has been a challenge in many ways, knowing that we have each other is truly a blessing and a comfort.

Best wishes to you for a safe and happy holiday season!
Linda Frame
WVEC President

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What Now?’ — Climate Solutions in 2021, and Securing a Just Transition for West Virginia
Friends of Blackwater
Are you trying to learn more about and better understand the climate change options and opportunities that 2021 will present? So are we.
Tagged: Climate change
Shining a Light on Solar
Solar United Neighbors
As a new year approaches, it is important to know that 2021 may be the last year for homeowners to take advantage of the federal Energy Investment Tax Credit (EITC) for solar installations. The tax credit is stepping down -- from 30% in 2019, to 26% in 2020, to 22% in 2021. Unless Congress takes action to extend the EITC, it will expire altogether for residential solar installations in 2022.
Tagged: Renewable energy
Construction Stopped on Mountain Valley Pipeline (at least temporarily)
West Virginia Highlands Conservancy
The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has granted a stay of the actions of the United States Army Corps of Engineers in its approvals of stream and wetland crossings by the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  This means that construction on stream crossings has to stop until the appeal is decided.
Tagged: PipelinesWater
Two Virtual December 15 Events from WV Rivers Coalition
WV Rivers Coalition
“Elections and the Environment” Webinar at 12:00-1:30, West Virginia Rivers Coalition Virtual Holiday Shindig at 7:30pm
Tagged: Legislation
Building a Resilient Food and Agriculture System in the Mountain State

Do you know where your food comes from? Do you know who grew it? How many fossil fuels were consumed to produce, process, transport, and store the food that sits on your shelf? At the center of these questions lies irreversible impacts to our environment, and at the same time, changing the answer to these questions personally does not solve the issue.
Tagged: Climate change
Legislative Rulemaking Committee Votes to Weaken Water Quality Standards
WV Rivers Coalition
On Wednesday, the Joint Legislative Rulemaking Review Committee met to debate updates to the human health criteria in our water quality standards. This committee meets before the regular session to review, amend and vote on recommended rules for the full Legislature’s consideration.
Tagged: LegislationWater
Let’s Make It Permanent 
WV Citizens for Clean Elections
We saw the impact that increased access to the ballot box had on voter participation, and we cannot allow that to be taken away. Thanks to your support, we were able to accomplish a lot this year, despite the obstacles that came about due to COVID-19. Here is a quick recap:
Tagged: Clean elections
Keeping the DEP Accountable in the Eastern Panhandle

The book released earlier this year by West Virginia University Press, I’m Afraid of That Water: A Collaborative Ethnography of a West Virginia Water Crisis, was profiled in the October edition of GREEN. This collection of stories from the 2014 Elk River chemical spill and ensuing water crisis highlight the importance of protecting the quality of the water supply.
Tagged: Water
A History of Resistance
The fight for justice has never been won at the ballot box alone. Resistance against the status quo is not uncommon in Appalachia; from the Mine Wars to the Red for Ed strikes, West Virginia has been center stage in pivotal regional events. Bleak and seemingly-unwinnable battles are not unique to this state or its history. Rather, they are the norm. Resistance moving forward means learning from our collective past.
Tagged: Climate changeHealthLegislationPollutionSocial justice

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