Let’s Make It Permanent 

Julie Archer, WV Citizens for Clean Elections

We saw the impact that increased access to the ballot box had on voter participation, and we cannot allow that to be taken away.

Thanks to your support, we were able to accomplish a lot this year, despite the obstacles that came about due to COVID-19. Here is a quick recap:

Prior to Governor Justice issuing a stay at home order, we fought to ensure that the state had plans in place to administer the primary election safely and protect the health of voters and poll workers.

After the primary election was delayed and absentee voting became more widely available, we worked with partners and allies to educate voters about their voting options.

We also partnered with the WV Consumer Protection Alliance to help voters learn more about Supreme Court elections and candidates.

Moving forward, we continued these efforts through the summer and fall, and fought to make sure that voters were ready and able to cast their ballots in the November election, and that the state had steps in place to ensure everyone’s safety while voting in the midst of the pandemic. This included expanded access to absentee voting, which allowed voters to make their voices heard without risking their lives — leading to record turnout in the state and across the nation.

Although the November election went smoothly and securely, barriers to voting remain, and it’s important that we continue to fight to ensure all eligible voters can participate and make their voices heard. We saw the impact that increased access to the ballot box had on voter participation, and we cannot allow that to be taken away.

In order to have a healthy democracy and to hold our leaders accountable, everyone’s voice should be heard. That’s why we are continuing to push our pro-voter, pro-democracy agenda, and put pressure on our political leaders to make this year’s expanded voting options permanent.

Now that the November election is over, it is time to continue the work to hold our government accountable to ensure we create a country where everyone can thrive. We remain committed to increasing transparency and accountability in our elections, and to strengthen our democracy by furthering fairness and impartiality in our courts. And with your continued support, we will be able to continue this work and prepare for the new year.

We’re counting on you to be a major part of our efforts — fighting for free, fair, and safe elections for West Virginians and a fair and impartial court system — so please make sure you are signed up to receive WVCCE actions alerts by visting wvoter-owned.org and clicking on the “Subscribe to Action Alert” button.

And while you’re there we could really use your financial support, too. A generous supporter has agreed to match every donation up to $10,000 we receive between now and the end of the year. Click the “Donate” button to have double the impact as we continue our work to organize West Virginians, and bring our communities together to strengthen our democracy and protect our institutions.

Thank you again. We can’t do this without you!

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