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West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Legislative Update
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In the midst of all the turmoil in the world, it was great to have some good news recently with the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. This victory was possible thanks to the activism of people like you and the dedication of many of our member groups. The environmental community in West Virginia is mighty and we applaud and thank all who worked so hard for this win for the environment.

To talk about the future of our movement, we hope that you will join us for our virtual annual meeting on Thursday, November 12 from 6-8 PM. We will discuss your legislative priorities for the 2021 Legislative Session and take some time to be together after the sure-to-be-crazy election cycle has wound down. Please save the date – more details to come!

As you may have noticed, we are sending out the GREEN at the beginning of each month and we are thankful for the contributions of articles from so many of our member groups. Read on and have a great, safe summer!

Linda Frame
WVEC President

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OVEC is Hiring
Over the years, we've asked for your help with many different calls to action. But, today, we have a unique request: to join our growing organization. We are currently hiring two full-time positions at OVEC. Interested in becoming part of our team? Keep reading to learn more about the positions and find out how to apply.
Climate, Water, and Justice with Marshall University’s Dr. Logan
WV Rivers Coalition
No one can escape the effects of climate change, but some communities are more vulnerable to the risks of the climate crisis. This is especially true for minority communities in West Virginia.
Tagged: Climate changeSocial justiceWater
Thinking about the Economics of Petrochemicals

One of the clichés of our public policy has long been that we have to “balance” the environmental and social costs of coal, oil, and gas extraction with the benefits to our economy.  For pretty much forever, our public policy has assumed that coal is so important to our economy that we should put up with a great deal of environmental and social cost in order to assure that the industry prospers.
Tagged: Oil and gasRenewable energy
Webinar Announcement – “Who Speaks for the Trees?”

The world's oldest and most diverse forests -- in the USA, and around the world -- are being cut down faster every year. We are losing our planet's most valuable natural protection against runaway global warming -- and at an alarming rate! We must protect and preserve the forest ecosystems that keep our planet and atmosphere in balance.
Tagged: Climate change
Upcoming Events from Solar United Neighbors
Solar United Neighbors
July Volunteer Action and Training, July Reading for Solar Articles Club, National Solar Tour Committee Meeting 
New Sierra Club Rep Works on  Energy & Environmental Justice

Karan Ireland is the new Sierra Club Senior Campaign Representative for Central Appalachia. In this capacity, she will be working on the Beyond Coal and Beyond Dirty Fuels campaigns, as well as working to further a plan for economic diversification and a just transition to a sustainable future. 
Tagged: EnergySocial justice
Petrochemical Expansion is Failing Economics
The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) is organizing around an urgent issue in Appalachia: the proposed Appalachian Storage Hub (ASH), a regional petrochemical processing, storage and trading industrial mega-complex that would produce the source material for single-use plastics.
Moving to Action on Our Democracy Agenda and More
WV Citizens for Clean Elections
In July, WV Citizens for Clean Elections held our first virtual meeting on Zoom to debrief the primary election and re-engage folks around the work and projects we have planned for the remainder of 2020. It was great to see familiar faces and to have so many new folks join us for the discussion. If you couldn't be with us, here are a few highlights and ways you can get involved in our pro-democracy and fair courts work, as well as important work of partners and allies
Tagged: Clean elections

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