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Newsletter article Kayla Young January 25, 2019
Senate EIM Chairman Randy Smith, R-Tucker, says including 60 DEP updates to Water Quality Standards was the “right thing to do.”
The Water Quality Standards Rule (SB167) moves onward to Senate Judiciary! After being pulled from the agenda to allow for a DEP Public Hearing on Water & Human Health, the senate EIM committee reconvened twice on Tuesday to debate and question the rule and its implications. More
Issues: LegislationPollutionWater
Newsletter article Karan Ireland January 18, 2019
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) legislation to see light of day
Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a widely available method to finance distributed energy generation projects such as rooftop solar panels or landfill bio-gas. These agreements are legal in at least 26 states, including Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Georgia, but are NOT available in West Virginia. More
Issues: Renewable energy
Newsletter article Ben Kessler January 18, 2019
Legislative action needed to prevent future environmental crisis
Oil and gas wells that have not been plugged at the end of their productive lives can become a nuisance to property owners. Unplugged wells can leak oil, gas, and brine onto a property, and can be a conduit for bacteria and septic runoff to enter your groundwater. More
Issues: DEPOil and gas
Newsletter article Kayla Young January 18, 2019
Pro-Democracy Platform
When legislators listen to regular West Virginians, they can work with us to pass bills that make West Virginia a better place to live. The governor can sign those bills into law, and our courts can uphold those laws. More
Issues: Clean elections
Newsletter article Karan Ireland January 18, 2019
Manufacturers Serve Nothing Sandwich at DEP Session on Water Quality Standards
We continue to work hard to ensure that the DEP rule on water quality standards is as protective of human health as possible. The DEP meeting was held yesterday, Thursday, January 17, at its headquarters in Kanawha City at 2:00 pm. Dozens of citizens concerned about their health and the safety of their water took time out of their days to attend the meeting More
Issues: DEPPollutionWater
Newsletter article WVEC January 12, 2019
Legislative Kickoff Blast
Please join us for our legislative kick-off blast! We would love to share our legislative priorities with you, have fun with you, and benefit from your kind donation! More
Newsletter article WVEC January 12, 2019
Water Quality Standards Rule
One of our legislative priorities EVERY year is to protect drinking water. This year it is our top priority. One issue we are currently working on ensuring that the DEP’s water quality standards rule, which is undergoing a regular triennial review, includes the latest EPA-recommended guidelines relating to human health criteria. More
Newsletter article Karan Ireland January 12, 2019
Hello from the 1st Session of the 84th WV Legislature
It’s great to be back under the dome–except: there is no dome! At least not one we can see from inside the building. There is no standing around the well, eavesdropping on conversations between committee meetings this year, as the rotunda undergoes repairs. More
Issues: DEPLegislationLoggingOil and gasRenewable energyWater
Newsletter article WVEC January 12, 2019
Meet the Lobby Team
Karan Ireland is back for her second year as the lobby team coordinator. Prior to her work for the Environmental Council, Karan was the executive director of WV Solar United Neighbors More
Issues: Legislation
Newsletter article Crystal Good March 12, 2018
KILL BILL: Legislative Wrap Up
In the movie “Kill Bill” the lead blonde character is called, 'The Bride”. She is played by actor Uma Thurman. The Bride was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. The Bride decides to get out of the assassin profession but is quickly reminded that once you TRY to get out of the DVAS you can’t ! Perhaps as it is in the world of assassins it is in lobbying, once you get in politics you can’t get out -- nobody leaves the squad. The Bride reminds me of Karan Ireland during this legislative Session. More
Issues: Forced poolingLegislationLogging
Newsletter article Karan Ireland March 12, 2018
Legislative Wrap-Up
On the 10th day of the legislative session, I remember thinking, “wow, this is going to be a long sixty days.” But, as with anything, time flies when you’re having fun. Today is the last day of the 2nd session of the 83rd West Virginia Legislature, or “sine die.” The environmental bills we’ve been watching have either passed or died and all that’s left is to wait for the crack of the gavel at midnight. More
Issues: CoalEnergyForced poolingLegislationLogging
Newsletter article Karan Ireland March 3, 2018
Logging In Parks Bill (SB 270) OFFICIALLY Dead
We mentioned last week that Senator Mike Woelful released a statement that SB 270 appeared to be dead. While we were cautiously optimistic, we didn’t want to start shoveling dirt on the coffin until we knew for sure. Now that crossover has come and gone, we want to shout it from the rooftops: “THE BILL IS DEAD; NO LOGGING IN STATE PARKS thanks to YOU!! More
Issues: LegislationLogging
Newsletter article Karan Ireland March 3, 2018
Bad Utility Bill Dies on Senate Floor
In a dramatic turn of events, SB 600 which would have allowed discounted utility rates for large industrial energy users, but would have raised residential rates, was defeated on the Senate floor on crossover. More
Issues: Energy efficiencyLegislation
Newsletter article WVEC March 3, 2018
West Virginia Gas Companies Wined and Dined Lawmakers Before Scoring Favorable Fracking Legislation
A country club luncheon. A $130 steak dinner. A whiskey tasting. Dinner at an historic neo-Georgian mansion. These are just a few examples of the many occasions last year when oil and gas lobbyists wined and dined West Virginia state lawmakers on key committees that craft fossil fuel legislation. More
Issues: FrackingLegislation
Newsletter article Chuck Wyrostok March 3, 2018
Woody Gets Thrashed – State Parks Get Justice
SB 270 was introduced early this legislative session at the request of Governor Justice with head salesman Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher. Sure-footed Woody could hardly bear to listen to suggestions at meetings with us and our partners. So we opened the spigot to a torrent from outraged West Virginians. Result? 270 died. More
Issues: LegislationLogging
Newsletter article WVEC February 24, 2018
WVEC’s Winter 2018 Full Fundraising Letter
’Tis the late winter season, the season to be wary- wary of the West Virginia Legislature, that is. The 2018 regular legislative session began on January 10th. As we write this, it’s the mid-session, 5th week of activity. So this is our annual request for your financial contributions to help support the WV Environmental Council lobby team. More
Issues: LegislationWVEC event
Mountaintop removal mining
Newsletter article Karan Ireland February 24, 2018
Coal Bill Update
We’ve seen some bills race before, but SB 626 is moving so fast it’s hard to see! This bill, which relates “generally to coal mining” originated on Monday, Feb. 19 in the Senate Energy, Industry and Mining committee, was sent straight to the floor and was on third reading by Thursdat. The bill deals with surface mining applications. More
Issues: CoalLegislationSocial justice
Newsletter article Karan Ireland February 24, 2018
Ding Dong the Bill is Dead (We Hope)
After several weeks of intense public pressure, it appears that the trees at Watoga State Park, and all of West Virginia’s state parks are safe! More
Issues: LegislationLogging
Power plant
Newsletter article Karan Ireland February 24, 2018
SB 600- Handouts to Industry; Who’s Looking Out for Ratepayers?
SB 600 offers discounted electric rates to industrial users and manufacturers whose rates, like everyone’s, have continued to skyrocket in the past few years. However, someone is going to have to make up the cost of these discounts and, per usual, it’s not going to be the utility shareholders. It’s going to be you and me. More
Issues: EnergyLegislation
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