Fair Shake ELS Expands in West Virginia

Over the past ten years, Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services has been a stalwart advocate for environmental justice, actively representing citizens and non-profits throughout central Appalachia. Now, the organization is expanding its impact by stationing a full-time lawyer, Andrew Earley, in West Virginia. Earley’s role centers around navigating the intricate landscape of the petrochemical industry.

Fair Shake’s commitment to breaking down financial barriers for individuals and families affected by activities like oil and gas development and coal mining remains at the core of their mission. They champion equitable policies for a more just and sustainable future through pro bono services, sliding scale rates, and public interest litigation. Earley can be reached at aearley@fairshake-els.org and at (234) 255-5397. Visit them here and read their fact sheet below.

Updated: September 23, 2023 — 10:56 am

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