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Newsletter article Conni Lewis March 11, 2016
What Roger Sherman Learned
On Thursday I had a short conversation with Roger Sherman, lobbyist for the forestry industry. We have known each other for perhaps 15 years and while it’s an adversarial relationship, it’s not hostile, instead it’s professional. We talked about our agendas and I pointed out that the session hadn’t been as bad as we anticipated this year, given the lengthy wish list of the oil and gas industry and the traditional concerns of the coal industry. More
Issues: Legislation
Fracking and water contamination
Newsletter article Conni Lewis March 4, 2016
Misuse of terms
This week I am thinking about the use and misuse of terms such as “stakeholder” in legislative proceedings. Often, a legislator will ask “are the stakeholders on board?”. A typical answer is yes, the agency and the affected interest group are on board. More
Issues: FrackingOil and gasSolid waste
Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 19, 2016
Power to the Suit
This week was about the power of the suit. Not the white coats of nurses and other health professionals, not the tee shirts that read “parents as teachers”, not even AARP, but the suit accessorized by wing tips or high heels. More
Issues: FrackingLegislationSocial justiceSolid waste
Coal sunset
Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 12, 2016
WV and Coal
Coal has been mined in West Virginia since before the Civil War. We all know that it has been a significant driver of the state’s economy and the political system since the late 19th century. Both political parties have been subservient to the power of the coal industry. More
Issues: Coal
Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 5, 2016
Today I am feeling pensive
This week, I am asking all my readers to talk with someone you don’t agree with about an environmental issue dear to your heart. Listen, in turn, to them. More
Issues: Legislation
Newsletter article Conni Lewis January 29, 2016
In spite of memorable snowstorms and communications snafus, the 27th annual E-Day at the capitol was a success. Ten organizations from around the state participated and made a colorful display in the upper rotunda. More
Issues: Eday
Old Logo
Action Alerts Conni Lewis October 1, 2015
This weekend we need your ideas
This is your opportunity to help your Environmental Council set its priorities for the 2016 legislative session. That is the main purpose of the conference. We need you to either attend the conference this weekend or (if you cant attend) to answer some questions. More
Issues: Event
Action Alerts Conni Lewis September 11, 2015
Green Jam for a Green Cause in Charleston
Come to the Green Jam, Tuesday, September 15 from 6-10 pm at the Empty Glass at 410 Elizabeth Street (just off Washington St. one block from the capitol) in Charleston’s historically diverse East End. More
Issues: Music
Action Alerts Conni Lewis September 10, 2015
Registering for New Strategies for a New Landscape conference
Registering for this year's conference is super easy. More
Issues: Event
Action Alerts Conni Lewis September 4, 2015
Save the Date! Fall Conference Scheduled
New Strategies for the New Landscapes is the theme for this year's Fall Conference, to be held October 2-4 at Greg Carroll's home near Hurricane, West Virginia. More
Issues: Event
Action Alerts Conni Lewis August 25, 2015
Register Now: The Business of Climate Solutions
People, planet, and profit. These are the three core areas on which sustainable businesses, or green businesses, focus. It’s a tall order to balance all three, meeting the needs of current generations without compromising future ones. More
Issues: Climate change
Action Alerts Conni Lewis June 5, 2015
Call Rep. Mooney about H.R. 2295, the Act to Jam Gas Pipelines Through Federal Land
On June 11, the House Natural Resources committee is scheduled to vote on H.R. 2295 known as the National Energy Security Corridors Act. It is more accurately described as the act to Jam Gas Pipelines Through Federal Land. More
Issues: FrackingPipelines
Fracking and water contamination
Newsletter article Conni Lewis March 19, 2015
There’s even more to be concerned about
262 bills survived the legislative process this year and only a handful are of concern to the Environmental Council . Vickie and Rob have written passionately about the most important (and often appalling) bills. Yet there are a few that we should take note of and here they are: SB234 removes water and sewer utilities owned by political subdivisions from PSC jurisdiction. An interesting twist is the provision detailling the procedure for selling such a utility to another entity. Gee, who would want to buy a small community's water system? More
Issues: FrackingSolid wasteWater
WV Coal Dome
Newsletter article Conni Lewis March 18, 2015
Spring Reflections
Baseball teaches both players and fans that failure is not only an option, it's part of the game. A team that wins 60% of its games is rare. And if like my beloved St. Louis Cardinals, it can do so frequently, it is regarded with awe. Even the best players recognize that they will leave home plate without a hit most of the time. So while I responded to this session's debacle with inappropriate language, anger and occasional despair, as a faithful baseball fan, I understand. In contrast, football expects near perfect seasons from its best teams, even amongst middle school leagues, and that distorts reality. But that sense that domination is good is widespread. More
Issues: Legislation
Newsletter article Conni Lewis March 7, 2015
The Plot Sickens
Before Friday's hearing, attempts were made to "encourage" our side to cancel it. We don't know who all the players are, but if I have learned nothing else in the past 25 years, its this: if opponents of a strong SB373 didn't fear us, they wouldn't try to stop us. More
Issues: Aboveground tanksSolid waste
Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 28, 2015
An Unexpected Champion
Had I told you that one of our most supportive and creative legislators was a young Republican, you might have scoffed. Had I added that his father is also a well known Republican politician, you might have questioned my grip on reality. You would be wrong. More
Issues: Recycling
WV Coal Dome
Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 21, 2015
But wait! there’s more
While your intrepid lobby team and allied groups have been focused on water issues, there are other environmental concerns as well. Let me mention a few that are not receiving much attention. Sen. Carmichael is the lead sponsor of SB 482, a potentially dangerous bill regarding permits for stationary sources of air pollution, which would be a gift to the oil and gas industries. Among its worst provisions is the requirement to approve an air pollution permit within 45 days of receiving a completed permit application. DEP opposes it and so do we. More
Issues: PollutionRecyclingWater
Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 14, 2015
E-Day, you and your legislators
E-Day is coming soon! Time to make an appointment with your legislators to share your concerns about our water and our air and our future. gold-dome has all the information you need to contact your delegates and senators. Bring your passion and your love for the state. We will have the talking points if you need them. E-Day will be at the Capitol from 9 to 3 February 18. See you then. More
Issues: Eday
Coal sunset
Newsletter article Conni Lewis February 7, 2015
What I know about coal and the industry
At Thursday's public hearing on the "Coal Jobs and Safety Act of 2015", I was proud to see environmentalists and the UMWA stand together in opposition to an assault on safety, our shared environment and, in fact, hope for the future. It's a shame that it's necessary to even have such a hearing, a shame that the coal industry even wants these changes and a shame that the industry wants people and our waters to pay the price for their actions. Environmentalists and coal miners shouldn't be adversaries, but it is in other people's interests to make it seem that way. More
Issues: CoalWater
Energy efficiency
Action Alerts Conni Lewis February 1, 2015
Public Hearing Monday February 2, 5pm. Come to the Capitol
HB2004, and its Senate companion SB4, would ensure "legislative control over any state compliance plan" the DEP develops once the rule is final. It limits the agency's flexibility in creating a workable compliance plan. While the House Judiciary committee did revise the bill, it still requires DEP to get legislative approval before submitting a plan to EPA. The legislation requires DEP to prepare a feasibility report that would include the effects of the rule on the state. This report would impose costs on an agency that would be better used to create the complliance plan. And the state only has one year to comply with the rule. The result could be an EPA imposed plan on West Virginia without considering West Virginia's ability to comply. More
Issues: EnergyEnergy efficiency
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