GREEN, Volume 28 Issue 3

West Virginia Environmental Council
West Virginia Environmental Council
GREEN Legislative Update
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Watch for upcoming Action Alerts containing more information about who to call on various issues.

Co-tenancy Bill Held Over in Committee
Karan Ireland
Last year, lobbyists and their political agents tried to rebrand forced pooling as “co-tenancy” and “lease integration” in an attempt to pull one over on West Virginia voters. On behalf of out-of state gas companies and their lobbyists, they’re back it with HB 4268. Click here or on image to read more.
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Citizen Lobbyist Make a Rukus and Throw a Fit!
Crystal Good
Charlie Nicholas’ recent Charleston Gazette- Mail opinion editorial in support of timbering West Virginia’s state parks said, “I can hear the ruckus now as the environmentalists throw a fit over cutting trees on public land.” Click here or on image to read more.
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Conservation Groups Disappointed in Thrasher Response to State Park Logging Bill
Karan Ireland
Representatives from groups involved in the SOS Parks initiative met with Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher on Thursday to present a list of credible alternative funding sources that may allow the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to repair and maintain our state parks without opening them up to commercial logging. Click here or on image to read more.
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Showcase Your Group
Chuck Wyrostok
Your environmental organization, large or small, and the work that it does are very important to the people of West Virginia. But those in other groups in different parts of the state may know little of it. Click here or on image to read more.
Write your Senators- Save Our State Parks
Keena Mullins
We are still working hard to stop the Governor’s proposal to use commercial timbering in state parks as a solution to pay for their maintenance. Click here or on image to read more.
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  1. Poor little well intentioned unselfish nature protectors who keep stomping on fires kept burning by the greedy extraction thieves instead of orienting the citizens from being subservient to being in charge.

    1. C’mon, Bob…wanna be in charge? Well, step up to the plate. It’s a long, hard fight and the citizenry is so apathetic. Maybe you know the secret to bring them out of being subservient.

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