Co-tenancy Bill Held Over in Committee

Last year, lobbyists and their political agents tried to rebrand forced pooling as “co-tenancy” and “lease integration” in an attempt to pull one over on West Virginia voters. On behalf of out-of state gas companies and their lobbyists, they’re back it with HB 4268.

At its core, forced pooling is legalized corporate theft from tax-paying property owners, and despite the repeated corporate push from bought politicians, it has been defeated repeatedly.

But let’s be clear; corporate interests invest heavily in supporting this type of legislation.

Be aware that this bill is being hidden under the name co-tenancy, but it’s just a lite version of forced pooling; they’ve simply changed the size of the “pool” from a unit to a tract. West Virginians need to know that forced pooling is theft.

On Thursday this week, Delegate Anderson, chair of the House Energy committee agreed to hold the bill over until next Tuesday. Take two minutes and let members of the House Energy Committee know you oppose HB 4268, or the co-tenancy bill. Ask them to vote it down in committee.

Update: Here is contact information for the House Energy Committee, including an easy to use copy-and-paste email address list.


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  1. I oppose HB 4268. Co-tenancy is another attempt at forced pooling. Don’t let out-of-state interests rob West Virginians of their mineral resources. Co-tenancy is theft of personal resources if you don’t agree to sell your mineral rights to a corporation.

    I am asking you to oppose moving the bill forward and/or opposing the bill if it ocmes up for a vote.

  2. This effort would get a lot more response if you appended contact inbfo for all the members of the relevant committee, ideally by listing their emails so one could paste it into one email. As was done for the logging in parks article.

    1. I’ve been compiling contact lists for key house and senate committees and updated this post to include a link to contact information for the house energy committee

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