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Newsletter article Chuck Wyrostok January 24, 2020
Popular Notions

There’s a popular notion that politicians don’t pay mind to what voters want. Seems like, once we vote them in, most of them are done with us…until the next election.  Would it not be prudent and crucial to let them know what’s important to us while they’re making law? 


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Newsletter article Chuck Wyrostok March 3, 2018
Woody Gets Thrashed – State Parks Get Justice
SB 270 was introduced early this legislative session at the request of Governor Justice with head salesman Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher. Sure-footed Woody could hardly bear to listen to suggestions at meetings with us and our partners. So we opened the spigot to a torrent from outraged West Virginians. Result? 270 died. More
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Newsletter article Chuck Wyrostok February 17, 2018
In Search Of
This Legislative Session is over the hump…past the midway point…and our WVEC team is in ISO mode (in search of). ISO Capitol Activists – ISO Group Profiles – ISO EDay Exhibitors More
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Newsletter article Chuck Wyrostok January 26, 2018
Showcase Your Group
Your environmental organization, large or small, and the work that it does are very important to the people of West Virginia. But those in other groups in different parts of the state may know little of it. More
Newsletter article Chuck Wyrostok January 12, 2018
Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance and WVEC
Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance is a multi-county, grassroots group of community members in counties affected by the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Our mission is to educate the public about the dangers of fracking and gas infrastructure buildout. More
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WV/ALEC Capitol
Action Alerts Chuck Wyrostok January 9, 2018
How To Get Your Legislator’s Attention in 2018
Happy New Year! from the crew at the West Virginia Environmental Council. For 2018, we’ve reviewed, revised, and repurposed different aspects of ECouncil. We believe that periodic review and self-reflection are always healthy and productive processes. More
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