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Action Alerts Laura Davidson February 26, 2017
URGENT ACTION: Public hearing tomorrow on the “cancer creek bill”!
A public hearing on HB 2506 is happening tomorrow at 8:30 am. If passed, HB 2506 would allow more cancer causing toxins to be dumped into our water supply. We need to stand together in force and make our opposition heard!More
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Action Alerts Laura Davidson February 21, 2017
Tomorrow: Show up and speak out!
We need your help! WV House Judiciary Committee is meeting tomorrow at 9:30 am on HB 2506, a bill that would further endanger our already fragile drinking water supply. HB 2506 is fast tracked, and we need you to show up and speak out to stop it.More
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Action Alerts Paul Dalzell February 13, 2017
Join us in fighting the real monster!
Day two of the 2017 WV legislative session and the Governor and the Legislature have declared war against West Virginia’s environmental protection regulations and pledged allegiance to outside industry in the name of dollars and cents. Fear, name calling, and insidious attacks against West Virginia’s working class must not be tolerated! The Governor likened the […]More
Action Alerts Paul Dalzell January 23, 2017
You’re invited to WVEC’s Annual Legislative Kick-Off Blast!
Join us at the world famous Empty Glass for our Annual Legislative Kick-Off Blast! We’ll have free munchies, live music featuring Mike Pushkin and many more, and a chance to chat with our staff and board about the issues we’ll be focusing on this legislative session. WVEC Annual Legislative Kick-Off Blast Tuesday, February 7th | […]More
Action Alerts Paul Dalzell January 11, 2017
2017 Awards Dinner
Live music. Silent auction. Scrumptious food. Cash bar.More
Action Alerts Paul Dalzell January 11, 2017
E-Day at the Legislature!
Lobby your representatives on environmental issues important for sustainability!More
Action Alerts Paul Dalzell January 9, 2017
Win $100 In WVEC’s Logo Contest!
The winning entry will be awarded $100.More
Action Alerts Paul Dalzell November 17, 2016
Join environmentalists at the world famous Empty Glass next Tuesday, November 22nd for some great music, a free food buffet, a fun time, and a chance to make a difference! More
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