Senate EIM Chairman Randy Smith, R-Tucker, says including 60 DEP updates to Water Quality Standards was the “right thing to do.”

The Water Quality Standards Rule (SB167) moves onward to Senate Judiciary! After being pulled from the agenda to allow for a DEP Public Hearing on Water & Human Health, the senate EIM committee reconvened twice on Tuesday to debate and question the rule and its implications. Dr. Mike McCawley testified on behalf of public health and the importance of protections in water quality standards. DEP deputy cabinet secretary Scott Mandirola testified that they stand by the science and the recommended updates. the Senate EIM committee unanimously voted to pass the rule with the amendment including the 60 updates. After the Senate EIM meeting late Tuesday evening, Chairman Smith touted the scientific updates and protections to human health. “Everyone wants clean water, I mean, honestly, it’s not a Republican or Democrat thing”, he said.

The WVEC lobbying team appreciates your advocating for water and your continued support reaching out to Senators asking them to approve SB167 with the DEP recommended updates!

We expect the rule to be on the Senate Judiciary agenda this upcoming week.

You can reach the Senate Judiciary committee members here or with this email and phone contact info.

Coverage of the EIM committee this week can be viewed in the Charleston Gazette, the Register-Herald, and the Dominion Post


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