WV Senate Judiciary Committee

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If the above link does not work with your email software, the list of email addresses below can be copied and pasted into an email address field:

mike.azinger@wvsenate.gov, stephen.baldwin@wvsenate.gov, bob.beach@wvsenate.gov, charles.clements@wvsenate.gov, sue.cline@wvsenate.gov, ryan.ferns@wvsenate.gov, glenn.jeffries@wvsenate.gov, robert.karnes@wvsenate.gov, mark.maynard@wvsenate.gov, richard.ojeda@wvsenate.gov, mike.romano@wvsenate.gov, patricia.rucker@wvsenate.gov, randy.smith@wvsenate.gov, chandler.swope@wvsenate.gov, charles.trump@wvsenate.gov, ryan.weld@wvsenate.gov, mike.woelfel@wvsenate.gov

Name, party, district, capital address, phone, and email. The phone area code is always 304. The complete mailing address for any committee member is:

Room #, Bldg. 1
1900 Kanawha Blvd. E.
Charleston, WV 25305

Mike Azinger R 3 Room 223W 357-7970 mike.azinger@wvsenate.gov  
Stephen Baldwin D 10 Room 203W 357-7959 stephen.baldwin@wvsenate.gov
Robert D. Beach D 13 Room 204W 357-7919 bob.beach@wvsenate.gov  
Charles H. Clements R 2 Room 218W 357-7827 charles.clements@wvsenate.gov
Sue Cline R 9 Room 216W 357-7807 sue.cline@wvsenate.gov  
Ryan Ferns R 1 Room 223M 357-7918 ryan.ferns@wvsenate.gov  
Glenn Jeffries D 8 Room 229W 357-7866 glenn.jeffries@wvsenate.gov  
Robert L. Karnes R 11 Room 417M 357-7906 robert.karnes@wvsenate.gov  
Mark R. Maynard R 6 Room 206W 357-7808 mark.maynard@wvsenate.gov
Richard Ojeda D 7 Room 213W 357-7857 richard.ojeda@wvsenate.gov  
Mike Romano D 12 Room 200W 357-7904 mike.romano@wvsenate.gov  
Patricia Rucker R 16 Room 223W 357-7957 patricia.rucker@wvsenate.gov
Randy Smith R 14 Room 214W 357-7995 randy.smith@wvsenate.gov  
Chandler Swope R 6 Room 229W 357-7914 chandler.swope@wvsenate.gov  
Charles S. Trump IV
R 15 Room 210W 357-7980 charles.trump@wvsenate.gov  
Ryan Weld
R 1 Room 216W 357-7984 ryan.weld@wvsenate.gov  
Mike Woelfel D 5 Room 203W 357-7956 mike.woelfel@wvsenate.gov