WVEC Lobbying Team: An Update on Our Bills

So far, we are already tracking SO many bills! Many of the bills are carried over from last year, including two versions of the Power Purchase Agreement bill–the PPA bill we are working on hasn’t been introduced yet! We see a lot of carryover relating to landfills, public lands, and solar. Delegate Evan Hansen’s MOJO act has been reintroduced, and we are already fighting against rollbacks of the Aboveground Storage Tank Act.

It looks as though we have a long session ahead of us, but we have a lot of momentum and are ready! Of course, most of these bills won’t move, and typically we can tell which ones may by looking at the sponsors. We are also in constant contact with the chairs of the committees to see which bills they are running and when.

View (or download) ALL of the bills we are tracking!

Other helpful links from the West Virginia Legislature website include:

Bill Status
Bulletin Board (Daily Schedules and Events)0
Releases (Another place to find schedules announced for next day, and news from legislators)

Lastly, if you’re on Twitter, make sure you’re following us (@WVECouncil) and the House (@WVHouse) and Senate (@WVSenate)!

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